12 Best Things to do in Cadaques, Girona in 2024

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Looking for the best things to do in Cadaques this year? You’re in the right place. I live in Barcelona, very close to Cadaqués! It’s the perfect weekend getaway, and I just got back from another trip exploring the beautiful town.

Cadaqués, Girona is a small coastal village in Costa Brava. It’s located on a small peninsula on the Eastern side of Spain. Just 170 km (106 miles) from Barcelona, Cadaques offers a charming atmosphere for a weekend away with your friends, family, or loved ones.

Below is a list of the best things to do in Cadaqués for your trip, and some inside details to make your trip stress free.

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🏆 From Barcelona: Dali Theme Cadaques Costa Brava Day Trip
Stop at Dali Museum & House
Trip to Platja de Castel

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1. Visit Salvador Dali’s House

Salvador Dali's House things to do in Cadaques
Photo of Salvador Dali’s House. You can take a day tour from Barcelona to Cadaques.

Visiting the Salvador Dali House in Cadaques is a must for any art lover. It also happens to be on of the most popular things to do in Cadaques.

The home of this famous Spanish painter holds many pieces of his artwork, and you can learn more about the history of this great artist. Not only will you get to admire some incredible masterpieces, but also enjoy a scenic walk around the grounds and take in the beauty of this coastal town.

If you want to visit the inside of Salvador Dali’s house in Port Lligat, you’ll want to make reservations in advance as there are limited spots available – only 8 people at a time! The entrance fee is quite affordable so it won’t break your wallet either.

Once inside, you’ll be able to explore all the different rooms and see the most intimate looks of Salvador Dali. Whether you want to tour or simply walk around, if you’re in Cadaques, you have to take a stop at this famous landmark. A tour is a great way to make friends and travel safely to Costa Brava when your visiting solo.

Plan a day trip to Cadaques from Barcelona

2. Dali Theater Museum

For the real Dali enthusiasts, head just a little further from the Dali House and explore the Dali Theatre Museum, created by Salvador Dali himself in 1974.

Located only 35km/50 minutes from Cadaqués, this museum offers visitors the chance to explore Salvador Dali’s artwork in an intimate setting and learn more about his life and work. From sculptures to paintings, you can find some of his most famous pieces here.

At the Dali Theatre Museum, you will be able to take a guided tour through the different galleries filled with a variety of works by Salvador Dali. After exploring the main gallery, you can visit other exhibits that provide insight into how he and his art forms developed over time. You’ll even find some of his lesser-known works such as drawings, collages, and prints.

It’s easy to take a day trip from Barcelona from any of the popular neighborhoods. There are many day tours that will take you to Figures, Salvador Dali’s birthplace and now home to the Dalí Museum.

Tours are a great way to learn, since you’ll have a personal travel guide with you! Tours will take you from Cadaqués to Barcelona at the end of the day.

3. Take a trip to the Cap de Creus Lighthouse 

Things to do in Costa Brava – Cap de Creus lighthouse overlook

The Cap de Creus lighthouse is one of the most beautiful sights in Cadaques. Perched on top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this iconic landmark provides breathtaking views and also houses a popular restaurant called “Cap de Creus”. The restaurant serves traditional Catalan cuisine you won’t find at home!

The views were truly spectacular and I wish I could have stayed longer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the restaurant due to strong winds from the “Tramontane”. The Tramontane is a powerful regional wind that can put a damper on a night out.

But, if you manage to visit on a calm day, it’s an experience you’ll never forget! Book a table on their website if you want to eat here; it can get crowded during the busier months in Cadaques. Whether you want to dine or not, it’s worth making the trek for the views (and a photo op of course).

Take a boat trip to Cap de Creus Lighthouse

4. Visit the Cadaques Beaches and Coves 

Beach in Cadaques lined with white houses
Beaches in Cadaques are lined with white houses for a “Greece vacation” feeling

There are a few main beaches in Cadaques where you can soak in the sun, play some beach games, or take a swim in the sparkling sea.

But, even though Cadaques is a coastal village, it’s more so known for its hidden coves than its beaches. And, because most of the coves are hidden, you won’t run into many people around them.

Most of the coves and beaches are located in a semi-circle around Cala Culip. Some of the coves in the area are clothing optional.

The shorelines in Cadaqués beaches aren’t large, and many of them are lined with rock formations and stones. You’ll want to bring some hiking sandals or water shoes to navigate around the rocky shorelines.

5. Walk down the Cobblestone Streets of Cadaques

Cobblestone streets in Cadaques
Enjoy walking down endless cobblestone streets

One of my favorite parts of visiting Cadaques is taking a leisurely stroll down its old town cobblestone streets. The streets are lined with white houses, small boutiques, cafes, and restaurants that offer the perfect opportunity to soak in the atmosphere of this beautiful town.

You can also take a break from exploring by stopping at one of the many tapas bars or Cadaques restaurants dotted around town for some delicious food and wine experiences that will make your visit even more memorable.

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    6. Explore local art 

    As you walk through Cadaqués’ cobblestone streets, it’s easy to see how Salvador Dali has left his mark on this town. Everywhere you look there are local artists displaying their works for sale, giving visitors an insight into life in Catalonia.

    7. Enjoy tapas and wine 

    Wine and tapas in Cadaques
    Barcelona is a city of Spanish and Catalan wine tastings

    A trip to the beautiful town of Cadaques in Spain is not complete without trying some local tapas and wine. From traditional Catalan food, to seafood dishes such as paella, you'll find something delicious around every corner.

    Enjoy a glass of "Rioja" (red wine) on colder days or sangria to cool off on hot days! Explore the unique flavors of Spanish cuisine while taking in the stunning views that this coastal town has to offer.

    8. Cap de Creus Natural Park

    Cap de Creus Natural Park

    Cap de Creus Natural Park is a stunningly beautiful destination located on the easternmost side of the Iberian Peninsula.

    This rocky stretch of coastline offers visitors an array of different ecosystems to explore and enjoy, making it a prime spot for nature lovers. The park is home to many different species of birds that can be watched from its various scenic lookouts or while hiking along one of the trails in the area.

    One popular hike leads up to Sant Salvador, which is the highest peak in Cap de Creus Natural Park at 670 meters above sea level. With breathtaking views and plenty of wildlife, visiting Cap de Creus Natural Park promises an unforgettable experience any time of year.

    9. Santa Maria Church of Cadaques

    The Santa Maria Church of Cadaques is a stunning example of 16th-century Gothic architecture. Located in the heart of this quaint, coastal village, it stands as a testament to its rich history and culture.

    The church itself is impressive from the outside, and the view is even greater, as it's located at the highest point of Cadaqués. Stepping inside reveals an even greater beauty that must be seen to be believed. Visitors are sure to find themselves in awe of this remarkable building.

    Even if you don't go inside, just visiting Santa Maria Church, especially at night offers a peaceful and calming experience. There isn't much of a Cadaques nightlife, so finding a quiet road to explore is the perfect way to spend an evening.

    And an interesting fact, it was at one point attacked by pirates from the sea!

    10. Walk Along the Beach

    beach cove in Cadaques

    Walking along the beaches and coves of Cadaqués is a unique experience. Whether you're looking for a serene spot to relax or an adventure-filled day exploring hidden coves, Cadaques beaches have something for everyone.

    The semi-circular shoreline around Cala Culip offers plenty of opportunities to explore its hidden coves and beautiful beaches. With rocky shorelines and clothing-optional spots, there's no shortage of beaches and coves to explore.

    11. Hike Far de Cala Nans Lighthouse

    Lighthouse on an island in Cadaques

    Hiking Far de Cala in Cadaques is an incredible experience. Located in Cap de Creus Natural Park, this 4.5-mile hike takes about two hours and offers stunning views of the coast and sea.

    The hike is suitable for any level of hiker looking for a unique outdoor adventure. As you make your way to the top, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views that will stay with you long after your visit ends.

    Similar to the lighthouse, this trail can get windy, so check the weather before heading up.

    12. Make stops along the way!

    If you're traveling from Catalonia, there are tons of beautiful beach towns and villages scattered around Costa Brava. Don't forget to maximize your trip and stop in little places like Figueres, Girona, or Begur. Each village has its own incredible charm and small town feel.

    Best restaurants in Cadaques

    • El Rebost de Cadaqués: This one was my favorite. Offering incredible seafood and traditional tapas.  It's a quaint place offering a peaceful atmosphere. Definitely get a reservation during the high season.
    • Restaurant Cap De Creus Lighthouse: incredible views and traditional Catalan food
    • Restaurant La Sirena

    Where to stay in Cadaques

    There are lots of beautiful boutique hotels to choose from in Cadaques. I'd recommend finding a hotel with a parking lot.

    Best Time to Visit Cadaques

    The best time to visit Cadaques is June-September. July and August will be hotter while June will be a cooler month. But, it's still warm enough in June to take a dip one of the coves around the village.

    The summer months are busier, so be sure to make reservations at restaurants you want to try. Hotels will also fill up, since there are only a few in the area. Don't make the mistake of not planning ahead.

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    Things to do in Cadaques FAQ

    Cadaqués is absolutely worth visiting. Not only is it the famous town of Salvador Dali's home, but it's also known as one of the prettiest towns in Costa Brava. This quiet town is full of beautiful views, delicious food, and hidden coves to explore. You can even the other Costa Brava villages along the way.

    I would suggest spending 2-3 days in Cadaques. It's not a massive town but there is plenty to do! There are day trips available, but spending a few days in Cadaques gives you enough time to explore all the hidden gems in town.

    To get from Barcelona to Cadaques, you'll need to take a bus, rental car, or a day tour. There aren't trains that go directly from Barcelona to Cadaques, so buses and cars are the best options. Cadaques is 170 km (106 miles) from Barcelona. The ride will take you about 2 hours without traffic.

    There is not a direct train from Barcelona to Cadaqués. However, you can take a train from Barcelona to Figueres for about 13 EUR ($15). From the Figueres station, you can take a 45-minute taxi ride that will cost around 35 EUR ($38)

    A taxi from Barcelona to Cadaqués will cost around 230€ ($250). Because of the high cost, I wouldn't suggest taking a taxi. A rental car will be a much cheaper option, costing about 100 EUR (109 USD) for 2 days.

    Final Thoughts: Things to do in Cadaques

    There you have it - the best things to do in Cadaques for your next trip! Are you ready to spend a weekend in this little beach village?

    Whether you're an art lover, a beach lover, or just want to explore all the hidden gems around Barcelona, Cadaques is the perfect place for your next adventure!

    Enjoy the beauty and history of Salvador Dali's house and museum and hike up to some of the most breathtaking views on the coast of Spain.


    ⭐ 4.7/5 Stars
    🏆 From Barcelona: Dali Theme Cadaques Costa Brava Day Trip
    Stop at Dali Museum & House
    Trip to Platja de Castel

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