Barcelona in June: Weather, Things to do, Where to go in 2024

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Planning a trip to Barcelona in June, or just trying to decide whether it’s the right time to go?

You’re in the right place. I live in Barcelona and I wait all year for June. The summer heat hasn’t hit its peak yet and there’s little to no rainfall. 

From walking around the city to day trips exploring the coastal towns, June is an amazing time to visit Barcelona. 

Why should you start planning June in Barcelona? Below, I’ve answered everything you need to know about visiting Barcelona in June. Average temperature, weather, rainfall, and some of the amazing things to do and places to visit while you’re here. Let’s get started!

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Should you visit Barcelona in June?

I can confidently say that you should visit Barcelona in June. The weather is beautiful during this time. It’s warm enough to spend some days at the beach and cool enough to enjoy strolls around the city. 

June is a great time to go sightseeing. Take a walk to the Sagrada Familia, hop on the train for a day trip to Costa Brava or a smaller village like Cadaques, or go on a shopping spree in Passeig de Gràcia. 

Since summer hasn’t really hit yet, you won’t be overwhelmed by scorching temperatures or swarms of tourists like later in the season. And one of my favorite parts – Barcelona gets 15 hours of daylight in June! Longer sunshine, longer days, and more fun. 

Visiting Barcelona in June is truly a one of a kind adventure you won’t soon forget. 

Weather in Barcelona in June

Average Temperatures in June

Average weather chart of Barcelona by month
What is the weather like in Barcelona in June? Average temperatures from NOAA

What is the weather like in Barcelona in June? You can expect some warm days and some cooler days in Barcelona. Overall, the weather is very mild and you’ll feel comfortable all day. You might see some overcast days throughout the month, but it’s mostly sunshine and clear skies! 

On average, June weather in Barcelona ranges from a high of 80°F or 27°C and a low of 68°F or 20°C. You can definitely take advantage of Barcelona beaches in June. 

  • Average high in Barcelona in June is 80°F / 27°C
  • Average low in Barcelona in June is 68°F / 20°C
  • How hot is it in Barcelona in July? Barcelona reaches a high of 89 F (29C) in July
  • What month is the warmest in Barcelona? July and August are the warmest months in Barcelona reaching highs of 85 degrees F (29°C).

Average Rainfall: June in Barcelona

Average rainfall in Barcelona by month
Does is rain in Barcelona? Average rainfall statistics from NOAA

Barcelona climate June is a little bit humid, but still cool, and quite dry. June is one of the driest months in this Spanish city. Average rainfall rarely exceeds 2 inches. 

  • Average rainfall in June in Barcelona: 1.1 in (28 mm) 
  • What are the rainy months in Barcelona? March with 3 inches and September-November with 3-4 inches on average are the rainiest months in Barcelona
  • What is the rainiest month in Barcelona? October is the rainiest month in Barcelona with an average rainfall of 3.5 inches (90 mm). March has the second highest rainfall at 3 inches (76 mm)

The closer you get to summer, you’ll find that a little rainfall really helps cool down the humidity. So, if you do want to go in months with higher rainfall like visiting Barcelona in September or May, you’ll find that it’s still a beautiful city with plenty to do. 

How warm is it in Barcelona in June?

Barcelona weather in June hits a high of 80°F or 27°C. Generally speaking, it is warm during this time with mild temperatures. But compared to later summer months, it’s not too warm, especially if you’re coming from a cooler climate. 

Is Barcelona too hot in June?

View of Barcelona at sundown
Temperatures in Barcelona in June are mild and enjoyable for most activities.

Most people will say that the temperatures in Barcelona during the month of June are quite comfortable and not overly hot

The average temperature during this time usually ranges from 68-80°F (around 20-27°C). With these temperatures, as well as some sea breeze, it can often be very pleasant. 

So while it may come down to individual preferences, Barcelona is not considered too hot in June.

Is it warm enough to swim in Spain in June?

It is usually warm enough to swim in Spain in June! Water temperatures will reach 73°F (23°C). Some people might find this chilly, but when the temperature outside reaches 80°F, a dip in the cool ocean water is so refreshing! 

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    Festivals in Barcelona in June

    1. Feast of Sant Joan - 23 June Barcelona 

    The feast of Sant Joan is an incredible summer solstice festival to celebrate the longest day of the year. It’s a celebration of fireworks and feasts. The city will be filled with fun and excitement until 24 June Barcelona. 

    2. Corpus Christi: Barcelona Dancing Egg

    Corpus Christi is a Catholic Catalunya tradition that incorporates just what it says - dancing eggs! The dancing egg is said to symbolize holy bread and wine. Throughout the city, you’ll find “Dancing Eggs” sitting atop flowers and a fountain of water. It’s a picture you won’t want to miss.

    3. Festival Jardins Pedralbes Summer Music Festival

    Festival Jardins Pedralbes was a decade long annual festival of gastronomy and music concerts. Unfortunately, the festival has been shut down and it’s unclear if they’ll be returning. 

    4. Gay Pride Festival

    Barcelona is proud to host a gay pride festival each summer! The parade attracts a huge group of attendees marching to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and love. Gay Pride is hosted in the summer months, anywhere from June, July, or August. 

    Unique Things to do in Barcelona in June and Best Places to Visit

    1. Sagrada Familia

     Colorful light filters through the stained glass windows of the Sagrada Familia, casting a rainbow over the stone interior.
    If you're in town, visiting Sagrada Familia is a must. And, don't just visit outside - it's worth every penny to go inside!

    This UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Take a tour inside and out of this incredible structure. It's more than worth it.

    This is just one of architect Antoni Gaudi’s famous Barcelona creations. Trust, this picture does it no justice! It's one of the most breathtaking buildings I've ever seen.

    Skip the line with a fast track guided tour of Sagrada Familia

    2. Take a tour of Park Guell

    Whether you choose to take a guided tour or walk or bike through Park Guell on your own, you can’t miss visiting during your trip. The park is not only a favorite among visitors, but locals also flock to this park to bike, picnic, relax, and exercise. 

    Guided tour Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Batllo

    3. Visit Casa Batllo “Gaudi’s Magical House”

    Located right outside of the Passeig de Gràcia transit station is another Antoni Gaudi creation. You’ll see visitors lined up in the street to take photos with the 20th century architectural wonder. 

    The immersive experience is open all year. The self-guided tour is available in 15 languages. You can also visit the iconic rooftop that overlooks Barcelona. This colorful roof is a picture-perfect spot that you’ve likely seen tons of photos of over the years. 

    Guided tour Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Batllo

    4. Shopping at Passeig de Gracia

    Passeig de Gracia is a strip of high end luxury stores, boutique shops, and restaurants. It’s a great place to stretch your legs and check out all of the sites the Barcelona city has to offer.

    Tourists line up early at high end shops like Gucci and Prada to go home with some famous luxury items.

    One of my favorite places to search for trinkets and budget worthy things to do on lazy days is the Flying Tiger. It’s full of crafts and tiny games - easy to fit in a suitcase or do in your hotel on a rainy day. 

    5. Poble Espanyol

    Experience the arts, crafts, and architecture of Poble Espanyol (Catalan to English translation: “Spanish Village”). This cultural museum has something for everyone. It’s home to art by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and more.

    Along with the museum, they offer art classes and a variety of restaurants to enjoy during your visit. Whether you're looking for big plates of paella or some yummy vegan restaurants, you'll find it here! To top it off, tickets to this museum are inexpensive, making it a great place to visit in Barcelona for families

    6. Go to the beach!

    The best part about visiting Barcelona in June is that it’s the beginning of beach season! There’s a beach right in Barcelona. In June, it won’t be too crowded, compared to July and August when the tourists flock to the sandy shores. 

    Or, take a day trip to Sitges, Valencia, Costa Brava, or one of the other nearby coastal towns. 

    Is Barcelona a walkable city?

    A wide pedestrian avenue lined with palm trees under a partly cloudy sky, with a map painted on the pavement, leading towards a distant monument.
    I walk everywhere in Barcelona - most people do!

    Absolutely! Barcelona is walkable and accessible for just about anyone. The public transportation system is easy to use, whether you’re navigating throughout Barcelona or taking the train to another area of Spain. 

    But you don't have to walk! Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Tours in Barcelona will get you through the whole city for 24 or 48 hours.

    Book a Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Tour

    Day trips from Barcelona in June

    There are endless possibilities for day trips from Barcelona, especially in the summer! Head to one of the many beach towns nearby or explore historic towns in the area.

    Public transit and the train system are fairly easy to use. And, there's very affordable. So, if you're visiting on a budget, you can still take advantage of many of these day trips without breaking the bank.

    • Visit Costa Brava
    • Beach trip or hiking trip to Sitges
    • Day trip to the midieval town of Girona
    • Spend the day in Tarragona Spain
    • Take the train from Barcelona to Madrid

    Best places to stay 

    There are many places to stay in Barcelona, but these are a few of my favorites. For first timers, try out Gothic Quarter. It's centrally located near the beach, transit, and nightlife.

    For beach lovers, visit Barceloneta and stay in a hotel or rental right on the beach. Gracia, El Born, and El Poblenou are all popular places to stay as well. It really depends what kind of Barcelona vacation you want.


    One of the most popular ways to travel in Europe! If you're backpacking or just searching for a great budget stay, hostels are the way to go.

    There are TONS of top-rated hostels in Barcelona. is my go-to for finding hostels in Barcelona, Spain, and Europe.

    Gothic Quarter: For central location

    gothic quarter cobblestone street

    Gothic is a beautiful town in Central Barcelona. From Gothic Quarter, you can walk to El Born, Gracia, and the beach in minutes.

    It's a great place to stay for your first time. From here, you can explore the whole city. There are tons of cafes, tapas restaurants, and bars in the area.

    Best hotels in Gothic Quarter:

    El Born: Best place to stay in Barcelona for nightlife

    A selection of colorful cocktails on a bar table, with a focus on a red drink garnished with mint in the foreground.

    Born is one of the most lively areas in Barcelona and known for its all-night adventures.

    El Born is home to some famous museums and bars such as Moco Museum and Dr. Stravinsky. Moco is a modern art museum filled with trendy and virtual art creations.

    Dr. Stravinsky is one of the best bars in Barcelona and a top 50 bar in the world. Visit the Dr. Stravinsky bartenders for an incredibly unique cocktail experience

    Best hotels in El Born

    Barceloneta: Stay near the beach

    The weather in Barcelona Spain in June is perfect for a beach vacation! Barceloneta is the popular beach town. It's near Gothic Quarter, so you can enjoy a beach vacation and a some nights out on the town.

    Best hotels in Barceloneta near the beach

    How to get to Barcelona in June

    Getting to Barcelona in June is easy! Especially since many direct flights from the United States open up in May and June in preparation for the busy tourist season. 

    From the East coast, you can take a direct flight from Dulles or Newark. You can also find flights from New York and Miami to Madrid. From Madrid, you can take a quick, 3 hour train ride to Barcelona. 

    If you’re coming from Europe, Barcelona is accessible by British Airways and budget airlines like Ryan Air and Vueling. 

    The airport is about 30 minutes from the heart of Barcelona. Taking a taxi will cost about $35 (32 euros), depending where you’re going in the city. 

    Personally, taking the taxi is easiest. But, there are some buses that leave from the airport that will drop you off in some locations throughout the city. Buses are the cheapest option. 

    Book a private airport transfer from BCN airport

    Is Barcelona safe?

    Barcelona is a very safe destination for visitors and locals. Even solo travelers are welcome here. Locals are welcoming and love patrons of their boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

    The most prevalent safety problem in Barcelona is pick pocketers. Always keep your belongings safety zipped up. I wouldn't carry around many euros or valuable jewelry either.

    There are a few things I try to avoid in Barcelona. An important one is not walking around alone at night. During the day, I've never felt unsafe in Barcelona!

    Travel tips for visiting Barcelona

    Two plates of seafood paella with mussels and shrimp served on an outdoor restaurant table in the sunlight.
    Don't forget to eat all of the tapas and wine in Barcelona1
    • Wear light, airy clothes and bring a sweater for chillier evenings
    • Learn how to say hello, please, and thank you Spanish or Catalan. Don’t forget that locals in Barcelona will speak Spanish and Catalan. This is a travel tip that I follow in every country I visit. If you’re not good at remembering, just write it down in your phone!

      Many phrases are the same or similar, but don’t be thrown off if you hear some different dialects during your trip.
    • If you’re visiting for longer than a few days, visit a Vodafone or Orange to purchase a SIM card. They only accept prepaid Euros, so bring some cash along.
    • Visit as many tapas bars as you can!
    • Visit Sitges or another beach town for the best paella
    • Don't go to Starbucks (yes, there's a Starbucks here). Instead, stop in at any of the local corner cafes for a cafe con leche (coffee and milk) or espresso.
    • Tour the famous museums like La Sagrada Familia
    • Don’t be afraid to take a Big Bus Tour if you’re short on time! It’s a great way to see your way around the entire city. You can always hop off or go back to your favorite spots.
    • Don’t forget to drink lots of wine (if you drink). It’s delicious!

    Packing for Barcelona in June: What to bring 

    👗 Light, flowy dresses are the way to go in Barcelona!

    👟Pair your dresses with a cute pair of white sneakers. Everyone walks everywhere in Barcelona, so locals and tourists alike will be seen pairing cute outfits with comfortable shoes.

    👙 Don’t forget your bathing suits! Spend lots of time at the beaches soaking up the Barcelona sun. 

    👝 Bring your belt bag! This is the easiest way to keep track of all your important documents while walking around town. Also, pickpocketing is prevalent in some areas like the Gothic Quarter. A fanny pack is the best way to keep your items safe and within reach at all times. 

    👟Pair your dresses with a cute pair of white sneakers. Everyone walks everywhere in Barcelona, so locals and tourists alike will be seen pairing cute outfits with comfortable shoes.

    👜 Shops in Barcelona charge if you need a bag to carry your purchase. I don’t go anywhere without my tote bag. It wraps up easily into a little ball, so I can grab it whenever I need to. You’ll notice quickly that everyone else in Barcelona does the same. 

    What to Pack for Barcelona

    Here are my favorite things to pack when it comes to traveling around Barcelona (or anywhere, really!) I travel a ton, so I've got this down to a science now!


    I'm all about style, practicality, and affordability. Pickpockets can be a real problem in Barcelona, so keeping your belongings secured in front of you is super important.

    Don't just take it from me - this belt back has high ratings and comes in EVERY color. Grab a few to match every outfit, if you want!


    Coolife not only has some of the best-rated luggage on Amazon, but also the most variety in colors, pieces, and sets.

    You'll likely want to check a bag going to Barcelona, but if you're traveling around Europe, you'll need small carry ons. Budget airlines like Ryan Air and Vuelling have smaller overhead space than you might be used to on airlines in America.


    There's no question that Osprey has made a name for itself when it comes to backpacking - I recently got one myself! I had a hard time finding which one was right for me.

    Lucky for you, they have a nifty "Who is This Pack For" quiz on there Amazon Storefront to help you find the perfect pack. Osprey's are expensive, but they'll last you a lifetime!


    Because just like the Caribbean, the sun hits different in Barcelona! Protect your skin. And if you're traveling carry-on only, remember that Europe (specifically London) has pesky liquid requirements to keep in mind.


    As an avid traveler, I need to squeeze A LOT into a little. Packing cubes are surprisingly space saving - and a great way to organize. I have these packing cubes - they've lasted a long time and are versatile enough to get me through every trip.


    Going to the beach? Don't forget your towel! And definitely don't get stuck waiting for it to dry. These quick dry towels keep away the worst part of the beach (sand) and make it easy to store them when you're back in your hotel. Plus, they're super compact and light weight.


    Do yourself a favor - don't show up to Barcelona without some cute white sneakers. Leave the heels at home. Walking around Barcelona isn't for the faint of heart. Keep your feet happy and go for stylish comfort.


    These are lifesavers when traveling in Europe - 2 ports on each + 2 USB ports. They're hefty and they've lasted me a few years already, so I know they're good quality. Plus, they've got almost 10,000 great ratings on Amazon, so I'm not alone.


    A VPN (Virtual Private Network) protects your internet connection and privacy while hiding your online identity...and gives you access to your favorite streaming services on the road...

    Unsecured connections to public WiFi can result in loss of personal data and even credit card information.

    NordVPN is fast, secure, and affordable. Really, you should use it everywhere, not just when you're traveling!


    SIM cards can be a nightmare, I get it. Airalo makes it easy to add a SIM card right to your phone - one less thing you have to worry about when you get to Europe. You can purchase a card for Spain, Europe, or Global.

    Just make sure your phone is compatible before you buy! You can check in the settings of your phone.


    Should I go to Barcelona in June?

    June is a great time to visit Barcelona. The weather is incredible. Perfect for sightseeing and heading to the beach. There are festivals to attend and a variety of attractions and activities to explore. 

    You won’t get too hot if you want to spend the day walking around the city and you won’t be too cold hanging out on the beach during the day. All and all, June is one of my favorite months in Barcelona. 

    Which months can you swim in Barcelona?

    The water temperatures are perfect for swimming in Barcelona from the end of May to the beginning of September. Average temperature of the water will reach 76 F (25 C) in the summer peak. 

    What month is best to swim in Spain?

    July and August will be the best months to swim in Spain. Peak summer water temperatures reach up to 76 F (25 C), making it the warmest of the year.

    What months are cheap to visit Spain?

    December to March are the cheapest times to visit Spain. These are also the coldest months. February/March are the rainiest months, reaching averages of 3-4 inches of rain in the month.
    While these are not the best times to visit Barcelona for a beach vacation, there’s still a variety of things to do plus, cheaper prices and few crowds!  

    Barcelona in June Isn’t for You If…

    Visiting Barcelona in June isn't for everyone! June weather in Barcelona can be hot and humid for some people, especially if you live in a cold weather environment. Even people living in Barcelona tend to be more uncomfortable when the summer hits.

    Additionally, ocean water temperatures are just warming up from the winter months. If you want even warmer weather and ocean waters, it may be best to wait until July or August.

    Furthermore, this is the beginning of a busy tourist season in Barcelona. Though tourism hasn't hit its peak in June, crowds and prices are picking up.

    If you're looking for a more affordable experience, June may not be the best month for you.

    It's also important to note that Barcelona isn't strictly a beach town. If you want clear waters, white sand, and island vibes, stick to the Caribbean!

    Lastly, if you don't like hot weather and don't want to visit Barcelona's beaches, June isn't for you! Consider visiting in the cold months. December to March marks the off-season. Prices are low and crowds are few and far between. Though things pick up a little bit for the Barcelona Christmas markets.

    Just because June is my favorite month in Barcelona, doesn't mean it has to be yours! The warm weather isn't for everybody and that's okay. Barcelona offers activities and adventures all year long!

    Conclusion/Final Thoughts: Visiting Barcelona in June

    Overall, visiting Barcelona in June has it's pros and cons. It's an incredible time to visit for many reasons. The weather is great for experiencing everything Barcelona Barcelona has to offer - from laying on the beach and sailing through the ocean to touring the famous attractions like Sagrada Familia or museums.

    It's perfect for walking miles every day searching through shops, eating delicious Spanish food and tapas on the restaurant terraces and patios, and taking advantage of the incredible nightlife in Gothic Quarter and Born.

    But, if that doesn't sound like you're kind of vacation, then opt to visit Barcelona in another month.

    Personally, June is my favorite month in Barcelona. I look forward to breaking out my flowy dresses and bathing suits every year. Will you be visiting Barcelona this June?

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