11 Best Barcelona Food Tours in 2024: Ultimate Tapas Experience

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Barcelona is a culinary paradise and there’s one way to get to know the city better than all the rest – by taking one of these Barcelona food tours! As a self-proclaimed foodie and local of Barcelona, here are some of the best food tours in the city.

From small group tours with locals guiding you through Barcelona’s hidden gems, to private experiences tailored to your personal preferences – there are plenty of options for everyone!

Let’s take a look at 11 of the best food tours in Barcelona to make your trip a culinary adventure.

Top 3 Best Tapas and Food Tours


⭐ 5/5 Stars
🏆Barcelona Walking Tasting Tour with Secret Food Tours
wine and tapas


⭐ 5/5 Stars
🏆Barcelona Electric Bike Small Group Tour with Tapas and Wine Tasting
architecture tour
local wine cellar


⭐ 5/5 Stars
🏆Barcelona Tapas, Taverns and Gothic Quarter History Tour
15 tapas + wines
ten guest max

11 Best Food and Tapas Tours in Barcelona

Here they are! Bringing you experiences like no other. Prepare yourself for your favorite night in Barcelona as the the local guides on these Barcelona food tours teach you how to eat, sip, and stroll around Barcelona like a pro.

1. Barcelona Walking Tasting Tour with Secret Food Tours

Rating ⭐ 5/5 stars | Length 3 hours | Book now

This walking tapas tour of Barcelona is the perfect way to experience the city’s unique culture and Catalan cuisine. Enjoy learning about traditional Spanish dishes as you sample some of the local favorites, like Iberian ham and Catalonian pastries.

With an experienced guide translating and helping you navigate through some of Barcelona’s most historic sites and favorite food spots, you’ll get an up close and personal look at what makes Barcelona so special.

This is an amazing option for solo travelers – get a lay of the city and taste the best dishes with a local!

Secret Food Tours Barcelona reviews: Plenty of great food and drinks. Our guide, Miguel, filled out day with great commentary and niche food bites. Highly recommend! Joe (more reviews)

Check pricing and availability

or opt for private tours with Secret Food Tours

2. Barcelona Electric Bike Small Group Tour with Tapas and Wine Tasting

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 3:30 hours | Book now

Wine in Barcelona

This e-bike tapas and wine tasting tour is the perfect way to experience Barcelona while pleasing your appetite! Cruise through the city with local foodies, soaking in the beauty of Barceloneta and the Gothic Quarter.

Descend into a local wine cellar for some delicious tapas. Feel like a true connoisseur as you sip on sherries and sparkling wines from the Catalunya region.

You’ll have the chance to get close up views of Barcelona’s iconic architecture as you pass by. After all that, you can rest assured knowing that there will be more fine foods awaiting for you at your next stop!

An e-bike tour is the perfect way to explore in the cool June or September months during your visit to Barcelona.

Check pricing and availability

3. Barcelona Tapas, Taverns and Gothic Quarter History Tour

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 3:30 hours | Book now

Narrow alley in Barcelona

Barcelona is chock full of rich culture and history, and there’s no better way to learn about the city than in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Believe me, it’s one of my favorite places in the city.

With this tour you’ll get to experience 15 different tapas and wines, all while following a local guide through some of the best tapas bars in Gothic Quarter.

Bar La Plata and Bodega La Palma are just two of the stops on your journey, each offering unique flavors from around Barcelona.

And with a limit of ten guests per tour, you won’t get lost in the crowd! I can guarantee you won’t leave hungry after these incredible Barcelona food tours.

Guest review:…great tour guide- Well versed in the history of the old town – Great tapas/ wine tastings set up by him at each stop. Very fun way to see this wonderful city”Patricia (more reviews)

Check pricing and availability

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    4. Food & Wine Tour in Barcelona with a Sommelier | Small-Group MAX 6 People

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 3 hours | Book now

    cheese board

    Experience Barcelona like never before while indulging in the ultimate food and wine tour! Embark on a wine tasting, led by a professional sommelier. While explore the city's culinary scene is one of my favorite parts of Barcelona, pairing each dish with the perfect wine is honestly the cherry on top.

    Learn all about Barcelona's vibrant neighborhoods as you sip on delicious cava and wine varieties. Immerse yourself in the city's culture by pairing tapas and desserts with your wine.

    This intimate and exclusive tour is limited to only six people - what better way to experience a wine tour Barcelona than with a private sommelier? So gather your inner circle and be ready to uncork the magic of Barcelona.

    If you prefer sitting back and relaxing, this is perfect. If you'd rather get hands on with your experiences, I'd recommend opting for a cooking class instead!

    Guest review: "Great experience with Alex! Loved the tour in local spots we would never have found on our own. Well paced. We were two couples. In our case it was a private wine tour Barcelona! Highly recommend!" - Janet (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    5. Barcelona: Tapas and Wine Small Group Walking Tour

    Rating ⭐ 4.7/5 stars | Length 3-4 hours | Book now

    tapas on a table in barcelona

    This small group walking food tour of Barcelona is the perfect way to get a taste of what the city has to offer. Explore four tapas bars and sample some of the most delicious food in Spain as you learn about the culture and culinary scene in the city.

    Walk through El Born and Gothic Quarter, two of Barcelona’s liveliest areas, with your knowledgeable guide as they point out historic sites along the way. If you love to party, getting to know these two towns will come

    Stop for local wines and snacks that reflect centuries-old recipes from Catalonia. With this tour, you’ll be sure to get a unique experience and learn something new!

    Guest review:  It’s always a bit of fun to get to know a small group of others from around the world sharing in your experience. If you’re looking for the food tour that is “just right”, look no further. (more reviews

    Check pricing and availability

    6. Food, Wine and History Tour with La Boqueria Market

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 3 hours | Book now

    Pan con Tomate

    Explore the best of Barcelona with this food, wine and history tour. Sample some traditional tapas, cava, and cold-cuts at La Boqueria, the Spain's most renowned food market.

    Then journey back in time and stroll through the cobblestone streets of Gothic Quarter and El Born to witness amazing architecture from centuries ago.

    To top it off, you'll end at the Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar, a beautiful Gothic basilica located in the heart of Gotico. This one-of-a-kind experience ensures travelers get to experience the true gastronomy of Catalonia as well rounded introduction to Barcelona's culture!

    You'll love starting off your trip with this food tour to get a lay of the city and learn what authentic Spanish tapas await you for the rest of your trip. Most of these food tours aren't catered to vegans, but there are plenty of vegan restaurants waiting for you!

    Guest review: "Great tour and great market! Would highly recommend to others to take this tour for a great time in Barcelona" - Jeanna (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    7. Barcelona: Walking Tour with Local Tapas and Wine

    Rating ⭐ 4.7/5 stars | Length 3 hours | Book now

    This walking tour with local tapas and wine is the perfect introduction to Barcelona's most vibrant neighborhoods - Gothic Quarter.

    You won't just taste the flavors of Barcelona on this tour. Your local guide will teach you about classic Spanish tapas, introducing you to flavors and recipes that are unique to this part of the world.

    And, of course, what better way to wash down these delicious dishes than with some traditional vermouth or cava? This is a fantastic night out that your taste buds won't soon forget - a perfect combination of learning about the Gothic Quarter and everything this eclectic city has to offer.

    Guest review: This group gives outstanding tours and the food/wine is a must have when visiting Barcelona! Would highly recommend this tour when visiting. (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    8. Barcelona Tapas Crawl Tour

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 2:45 hours | Book now

    Bar crawl but make it Spanish! It doesn't get any better than this Tapas Crawl through Barcelona.

    Make stops through Barcelona's best tapas while you make friendships that will last a lifetime (or at least until the end of your trip!). Saunter through the magical streets, all while experiencing the local flavors and sounds of the city.

    Avoid just visiting the touristy spots that everyone talks about when you're in Barcelona! Make your way across the city and taste its incredible tapas at four fantastic stops.

    Your expert guide will give you a tour and share the secrets on how to best pair each dish with the perfect drink. Trust me, every bite will be an experience to remember!

    Guest review: [Our tour guide] a was so fun and interesting, this tour is highly recommended to experience Barcelona in a different way -Ofer (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    9. Sip, Sites & Bites Barcelona Food, Drinks & History Tour

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 3:30 hours | Book now

    red wine and cava on a table

    This Barcelona food tour is the best way to explore the city like a professional. You'll get to walk through El Born, Barceloneta, and Gotico - three of Barcelona's most iconic neighborhoods - as you learn about the history and culture that makes them so special.

    Plus, you'll be able to enjoy some of the best tapas in Barcelona at a local family's restaurant before winding up your tour at a Catalan-owned tavern for some wine and stories told by those who know it best. It's the perfect combination of education and indulgence!

    Guest review: "Food is best when it's enjoyed in the company of those who appreciate the pleasure of simple, quality food. Adrian guided us to four tapas bars off the beaten tourist path and showed us how to enjoy fresh Catalan food." Nancy (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    10. Taste Barcelona Like a Local: Food Tour of Gracia Neighborhood

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 3 hours | Book now

    Salmon tapas plate

    The Gracia Neighborhood food tour offers the ultimate experience for anyone looking to truly "taste Barcelona like a Catalan."

    You'll explore the bustling streets of the neighborhood, stroll into unique shops and restaurants serving up traditional dishes and discovering new flavors you've never tried before!

    Visit some of the best bodegas in town, try authentic tapas with a glass of sangria, and savor the fresh seafood from some of Gracia's top tapas bars. It doesn't get any better than this to make your trip to Spain perfect.

    This is a great option for a cool February evening in the city!

    Guest review: "Fantastic!! Thanks Ester!! Great to see the real Barcelona in the Eixample district with just a small group! Enjoyed all the local businesses! Highly recommended! One of our favourite memories of Barcelona!!" - Jo (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    11. Barcelona Tapas and Wine Experience Small-Group Walking Tour

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 3 hours | Book now

    tomato tapas dish

    Enjoying the freshest tapas and local wines in Barcelona is now easier than ever, thanks to the Tapas and Wine Experience Tour.

    This unique tour has brought over 1000 happy visitors to some of Barcelona's best hidden gems, each lovingly curated by experienced local guides.

    On the tour you'll taste classic Catalan tapas dishes like chorizo with honey, patatas bravas, and esqueixada de bacalao -- all washed down with fine Spanish wines.

    As an upgrade, you can even end your evening with a flamenco show on select tours. Don't miss out on this amazing experience in one of the world's most vibrant cities!

    Guest review: "This was a great way to experience some hidden gems in the Gothic Quarter and taste authentic Catalan food... Each place was unique and charming and you really get some great history from the host. I highly recommend!!!" - Heather (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

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    Barcelona Food and Wine Tours FAQ

    Barcelona is known for its amazing Spanish cuisine. Tapas like Croquettes, Jamon Iberico (Iberian Ham), Patatas Bravas, and more are always popular with locals and visitors alike. Those visiting the coast of Barcelona will be especially spoiled with some of the best paella in Spain. Fresh seafood paella is a must-try! In addition to these popular dishes, Catalan cuisine has lots to offer as well. All in all, Barcelona's cuisine offers something for everyone!

    Absolutely, tours in Barcelona is one of the best ways to get an immersive experience of the city. You'll get insider details and knowledge about the city you never would have heard of on your own – from learning about the rich culture to finding hidden gems you may never have thought of visiting. Plus, tours provide a great way to venture off-the-beaten-path and explore lesser known sites that are often overlooked by the regular tourist.

    James Blick, originally from New Zealand, is the founder and owner Devour Tours, a food tour company that operates in a few countries in Europe. Realizing that Spain had a rich gastronomic culture, he founded Devour Tours in Spain in 2011 to help visitors enjoy the best food in Spain.

    The famous food town in Spain is the town of San Sebastian - considered by many to be the country's culinary crown jewel. Located in the north of Spain near Madrid, San Sebastian is home to three Michelin-star restaurants and a vibrant food scene. Dining out in Spain can be an unforgettable experience, especially in towns like San Sebastian.

    Summary of the Best Food Tours in Barcelona

    These food and tapas tours in Barcelona are a great way to learn about the culture, history, and flavors of Spain.

    Not only can you fill your belly with some of the most delicious foods the country has to offer, but you will also be able to learn about the history of tapas from local guides who are passionate about helping you immerse yourself into their culture.

    Many of these tours leave from Gracia or Gothic Quarter, allowing you to be within walking distance to some of the best attractions in the city - including Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia - which I'd highly recommend visiting.

    Food is my favorite part of Barcelona’s culture because it gives me an opportunity to try new tastes and make memories to bring home to friends that will last a lifetime. With so many different tour options out there, you can choose the one that fits your needs and interests best.

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