11 Best Barcelona Hiking Tours for Active Travelers (2024)

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Looking for the best Barcelona hiking tours? I’ve got you covered.

Are you looking to explore the beautiful landscapes of Barcelona on foot? Look no further! In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the best Barcelona hiking tours that cater to every type of traveler.

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or simply love being outdoors, these tours are designed to captivate and inspire. As a Barcelona local, I can personally vouch for the incredible hiking experiences available just outside the city. Escaping the city for some fresh air is one my favorite things to do on a free day or weekend.

While there are so many options, whether you’re traveling with your family or as a solo traveler, two of my favorites – Montserrat mountains and the charming coastal town of Sitges – never disappoint!

But there are so many options, so let’s get to it!

11 Best Hiking Tours in Barcelona

From the historic monastery to the clear waters of Costa Brava, there are endless hikes from Barcelona. Heading out of the city and spending a day outside, taking in the fresh air, and getting a little hike in is one of my favorite things to do on a free day or weekend.

1. Montserrat Hiking Experience from Barcelona

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now  – my #1 recommendation!!

A majestic view of Montserrat's monolithic rock formations under a blue sky, captured during a Barcelona hiking tour

The Montserrat Hiking Experience from Barcelona is an excellent choice for a hiking tour from Barcelona – and number one on my list for good reason.

This hiking experience caters to various fitness levels, offering multiple routes from easy to expert. The easy hike includes a ride on the St. Joan Funicular Railway while the more difficult hike leads to a medieval Benedictine monastery! 

For more seasoned hikers, there are challenging trails leading to the mountain summit. The tour includes hotel pickup, a knowledgeable guide, and snacks – you will be comfortable and engaged with the awesome guide the whole time! 

I love living in the city, but every once in a while, I’ve got to get out and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Luckily, there are plenty of hikes around Barcelona, and this is just one of the fantastic options available. 

Check pricing and availability

2. Pyrenees Medieval Village Hike from Barcelona

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 4 hours | Book now 

Breathtaking landscape of a mountain reservoir surrounded by lush greenery and rugged terrain

Journey to the heart of Catalonia’s natural beauty with the Pyrenees Medieval Village Hike from Barcelona. This isn’t just any trek; it’s a 2.5-hour adventure through breathtaking mountain landscapes and along the way – a visit to an Insta-worthy waterfall—a hidden gem that’s sure to warm your heart and fill you with gratitude. 

If you’re worried about the challenge, as an avid hiker, I can vouch that the route is manageable, provided you’ve laced up the right shoes.

The real treat comes after the hike, where you’re rewarded with flavors of local cuisine at a traditional 200-year-old Catalan restaurant—a true taste of history!

The hike may be described as ‘easy’ by regular trail lovers, but remember, it’s still a full day’s affair, so come prepared.

During this tour, you’ll also get acquainted with the charming village of Rupit. Steeped in history, Rupit offers a peaceful and educational start to your day. These cobblestone streets and rustic homes have stood the test of time.

So for those plotting a Barcelona itinerary, keen on active travel, and enchanted by the antique villages of Catalonia, this hiking tour towards the Pyrenees is the one for you!

Check pricing and availability

3. Hike, Snorkel and Cliff Dive in Costa Brava Small Group from Barcelona

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

A serene view of a coastal village in Costa Brava, with white buildings against a backdrop of hills, a pebble beach in the foreground, and a lone boat floating near the shore

If you’re the sort who can’t stand still and relishes squeezing every drop of adventure out of travel, then you’ll want to zoom in on this small group tour to Costa Brava from Barcelona. 

You’re hiking along rugged trails, each turn offering up more breathtaking views that are picture-perfect. Then, you’re plunging into the Mediterranean waters for a snorkeling experience that’s as refreshing as it is eye-opening — trust me, during Barcelona’s sticky summer heat, you’ll welcome the cooldown.

This isn’t your typical crowded tour – you’ll only be with 8 like-minded travelers throughout the day. You might even make a friend or two out of it! 

Downside here is that it’s a really long day (9 hour tour) and you get only get a light lunch with your ticket so i’d bring snacks and water and prepare accordingly

Additionally, I’d recommend Costa Brava to anyone visiting Barcelona – it’s one of my favorite places – but I prefer going for a weekend trip instead of a day.

Overall, for an active traveler eager to explore the coast away from Barcelona, this tour punches way above its weight in experiences. 

Check pricing and availability

4. Montserrat Hiking Off the Beaten Path & Monastery. Small Group Tour

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

A picturesque facade with lush hanging gardens and balconies, backed by the unique rock formations of Montserrat, on a Barcelona hiking tour

Exploring Montserrat from Barcelona is not just a hike; it’s a relaxing journey through history and nature. As you traverse the trails of Montserrat National Park, you’ll also delve into the past, learning about the Benedictine Abbey perched amidst these mountains. 

It’s a perfect blend of physical activity and cultural enrichment, ideal for those who appreciate the great outdoors and have a curiosity about historical sites.

Check pricing and availability

5. Montserrat Monastery & Hiking Experience from Barcelona

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

A scenic dirt path leading through verdant bushes and towards the iconic multi-peaked Montserrat mountains, experienced on a Barcelona hiking tour

If you’re headed to Barcelona and looking for an ideal day trip, I highly recommend this Monastery – it’s a hit with me and all my friends who’ve visited. The tranquility of the escape is unmatched, and combining it with a hike makes it even better!

Following the Monastery tour, there’s an hour-long hike, both packed with historical and natural information.

Bear in mind, if you’re solely interested in hiking, the one-hour trail might feel brief. Nevertheless, the panoramic views and commentary from your guide on the local culture are definite pluses.

The tour is capped at 18 people which is larger than most of these hiking tour options, so you may prefer something more intimate.

Conveniently, they provide easy transportation – with air conditioning, no less – for you to enjoy some scenic previews before you even arrive!

Check pricing and availability

6. Montserrat & Sitges Tour from Barcelona Monastery & Easy Hike

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

A hiker with a backpack on a gravel road surrounded by Mediterranean scrubland on a hike in Sitges

Montserrat is the top day trip destination from Barcelona, attracting visitors to its ancient monastery dating back to the 19th century. The monastery still houses a small community of about 60 monks.

On the other hand, Sitges is one of my favorite places off the coast of Barcelona – this tour offers an incredible mix of must-do experiences outside of the city

This particular tour gives you the chance to explore the monastery, enjoy an easy hike in Montserrat’s scenic landscape, and savor the local cuisine in Sitges — I can personally vouch for Roser as the place to go for outstanding paella (outside of Valencia, of course).

This full-day hiking tour will leave you feeling spent but utterly fulfilled from an experience  hard to replicate elsewhere.

Check pricing and availability

7. Montserrat Land of Shrines – One Day Small Group Hiking Tour from Barcelona

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

The rugged beauty of Montserrat's natural landscape with its distinctive rock pillars

The Montserrat Land of Shrines tour is a fantastic opportunity for hikers looking for a challenge topped with incredible views from Barcelona’s famous Montserrat. 

You get the unique experience of riding up the hill on the funicular, before a 4-hour hike down the mountain – all the views, none of the work to go up! That’s my kinda hike! 

The journey starts with a brief visit to the Benedictine monastery, where you’ll dive into its storied history before the hike. 

On the downside, for some reason, this tour requires at least two people per booking, so it is not suitable for solo travelers. If you’re someone who relishes a rigorous hike in good company, mixed with a bit of Barcelona history, this tour is an excellent fit for you.

Check pricing and availability

8. Costa Brava Coast Path Hiking & Tossa de Mar. Small Group Tour with local guide

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

A hidden cove with sparkling emerald waters surrounded by rugged, layered rock formations

Exercise, food, and history meet to create the perfect hiking tour to Costa Brava. As you follow the Camí de Ronda path, let yourself enjoy the simplicity of the coastline. Take in the straightforward beauty of the cliffs and the sea, and let the fresh ocean breeze invigorate you as you walk.

You’ll take a moment to explore the charming fishing village of Tossa de Mar to soak up tales from its medieval past and replenish your energy with a hearty 3-course lunch once your hike concludes.

If it’s warm enough, bring your swimsuit to cool off in one of Costa Brava’s famous coves – these are my favorite – the blue waters are insanely clear, it’s magical.

Your adventure begins and wraps up at Passeig de Gràcia, offering unbeatable convenience no matter what neighborhood you’re staying in. This tour isn’t just a hike; it’s a chance to explore the coast and local culture in one fulfilling day.

Check pricing and availability

9. Medieval Villages & La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Hiking Small Group Tour

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

This Medieval Villages & La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Hiking tour presents a truly unique adventure, perfect for those who love treading less-traveled paths. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the beautiful, well-preserved medieval town of Besalú in Catalonia, along with visits to two other historic towns.

The tour’s centerpiece is the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, offering breathtaking landscapes and accessible trails suitable for the whole family (provided you are all moderately active and can walk for a few hours).

The hike is especially magical in the autumn during the peak of changing colors. While the tour doesn’t include meals, you’ll find plenty of dining options in town throughout the day. Either way, I suggest bringing along plenty of snacks and water to stay energized and hydrated.

Check pricing and availability

10. Costa Brava and Girona Small Group Easy Hike from Barcelona

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

The golden sun sets over a rugged Girona landscape, with ancient stone structures standing on the cliffside

If you’re planning a day trip that caters to the whole family, considering different ages and interests, the Costa Brava and Girona Small Group Easy Hike from Barcelona is an ideal choice. You’ll enjoy a leisurely walk along the coastline of Costa Brava and savor a lunch with a nice glass of cava.

The tour also includes a visit through the medieval quarter of Girona, a haven for history buffs with its architecture dating from the 11th to the 15th century.

The tour is steeped in history, but if that’s not your style you can opt for exploring the local shops.

While it provides a glimpse of Costa Brava’s natural beauty, it’s primarily a cultural and historical sightseeing adventure rather than an intensive hiking experience.

Check pricing and availability

11. Kayaking & Lagoon Dipping Costa Brava

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 6 hours | Book now

Crystal-clear turquoise waters bordered by a rocky coastline and evergreen trees in a cove in Costa Brava

Experience the thrill of Costa Brava with a day packed with kayaking, hiking the scenic Cami de Ronda Trail, and testing your courage with cliff jumping. 

Everyone falls in love with Stephan, your guide. His fun personality and knowledge is next to none. He’ll bring all your equipment, so you don’t have to worry about anything except having a great time.

This adventure is tailor-made for those who love outdoors and active escapades. If you don’t like the outdoors and active adventures, this tour is not for you!

Check pricing and availability

FAQ: Hiking Tours in Barcelona

Is Barcelona good for hiking?

Yes! Barcelona is good for hiking. The most popular hike is up to Montserrat Monastery. There are also endless hikes in the nearby mountains, in Costa Brava, and villages in Catalonia.

What to Bring On Your Barcelona Hiking Tour

  • Lots of water!
  • Snacks
  • Comfortable athleisure wear

Hiking Shoes

I love these Columbia boots as an affordable and high-quality pair of boots to take with me when I travel.

My regular hiking boots are a bit too heavy and high-tech for throwing in a suitcase. These are perfect for treks around Barcelona! If there is one tip you NEED for your hiking trips – WEAR COMFORTABLE HIKING SHOES!!


Water Backpack

While it’s made for a water pack, it’s also a great little hiking back! When I take the water bladder out of my hiking camelback, I can fit a water bottle, a sandwich, and a few snacks! Perfect for a day hike.


SIM cards can be a nightmare, I get it. Airalo makes it easy to add a SIM card right to your phone – one less thing you have to worry about when you get to Europe. You can purchase a card for Spain, Europe, or Global.

Just make sure your phone is compatible before you buy! You can check in the settings of your phone.


Protect yourself! Whether it’s March or June, the sun is surprisingly strong out here. Trust me when I say you do not want to be out on a hike all day here without sunscreen.


Summary: Top Hiking Tours in Barcelona for Your Next Adventure

In conclusion, Barcelona offers an incredible array of hiking tours that cater to every type of hiker, from beginners to advanced adventurers. Whether you are traveling with your family, your partner, or exploring solo, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

If you didn’t notice, one highly recommended option is the Monserrat hike, which takes you through breathtaking landscapes and offers panoramic views.

For those seeking a beautiful escape from the city, the Costa Brava hiking tour is a perfect choice for a cool off near the water.

No matter which tour you choose, one thing is certain – you are bound to have an amazing time exploring the natural wonders of Barcelona. So lace up your boots, pack your backpack, and get ready for an unforgettable hiking tour in Barcelona.

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