Barcelona in March: Weather, Things to Do, Where to Go (2024)

Thinking about visiting Barcelona in March? You’re in for a treat!

I’ve been living in Barcelona for years and have experienced Barcelona in March quite a few times!

In this post, I’ll be sharing my insider tips on what to expect, the best things to do, what to wear, and more about visiting my hometown in March.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, or a foodie, I assure you there’s something for everyone to enjoy this time of year. Let’s dive right in!

Is March a good time to visit Barcelona?

Spring is in full swing in March and the atmosphere is brimming with excitement, activities, and the promise of longer days. 

March precedes the height of the tourist season that follows in the summer months, allowing for fewer lines in popular sightseeing destinations and more chances to blend into life like a local. 

It’s easier to get reservations in the busiest restaurants and you may be able to stroll down Las Ramblas without being shoulder to shoulder with folks. You’ll be able to experience the Mediterranean coast with a mild jacket and sunnies at most

But if there’s one statement I wholeheartedly stand behind: there is no bad time to visit Barcelona. Hear me out on this. The winters are mild and offer plenty of days with sunshine, the Summers are hot but not unbearable, and tapas can be enjoyed year-round. I digress but my point is made. 

If I haven’t convinced you to book that round-trip ticket yet, allow me to continue twisting your arm on why March is a fantastic time to visit Barcelona!

Weather in Barcelona in March

Girl with a glass of champagne sitting on a rooftop with a view of a cathedral in the background in Barcelona in March

First things first, don’t make the mistake of expecting to spend every day sunbathing on the beach in March. 

Sure, there are plenty of bright sunny days in March, but it’s probably not going to be hot enough to only pack beachwear

Spring weather in Barcelona is full of sunshine with mild, pleasant temperatures. March sees average temperatures in the 60°F range, increasing as the month progresses.

Lows can dip down into the low 50s. March is also a relatively dry month, and given if you happen to visit during a spring drought, you’re unlikely to be rained out.

While it may be difficult to swim or sunbathe, the weather in March is excellent for other outdoor activities like paddle boarding or beach volleyball. 

It’s also the perfect climate to take advantage of all the great trails and nature the city has to offer. 

Average Temperatures in March

  • Average high in Barcelona in March is 63°F / 17°C
  • Average low in Barcelona in March is 51°F / 11°C
  • How hot is it in Barcelona in March? March is generally not considered hot but as the month drags on, sunny days with temperatures of  72°F / 21°C are frequent.
  • What month is the warmest in Barcelona? July and August are the warmest months in Barcelona reaching highs of 85 degrees F (29°C).

How warm is Barcelona in March?

Average Barcelona March Temperatures are generally highs of 63°F / 17°C and average lows of 51°F / 11°C. Temperatures tend to increase as the month goes on with the warmest days seeing temperatures of 72°F / 21°C.

Average Rainfall for March in Barcelona

view of a street lined with outdoor seating and people blurred rushing by with two people standing near a street life
  • Average rainfall in March in Barcelona: 1-1.5 inches considered normal, but you may see up to three inches. That’s still very little rain, compared to most spring shower cities. Sometimes you’ll even find Barcelona and the surrounding areas in a drought this time of year. 
  • What are the rainy months in Barcelona? March with 3 inches and September-November with 3-4 inches on average are the rainiest months in Barcelona
  • What is the rainiest month in Barcelona? October is the rainiest month in Barcelona with an average rainfall of 3.5 inches (90 mm). March has the second-highest rainfall at 3 inches (76 mm)

Barcelona Holidays and Festivals in March

view looking up at the Sagrada Familia large cathedral with construction going on around it

1. Saint Medir Festival 

The Saint Medir Festival occurs annually on March 3rd in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona and involves tonnes of sweets and toffees thrown from horses into the streets of Barcelona. 

What more could a horse girl want?! Technically there is more to it. Groups parade around Gracia in the morning and then head to Ermita De Sant Medir, a shrine in the nearby mountain range. 

When they return, the candy free-for-all enters the group chat via way of a musical parade

The public gleefully tries to catch as much candy as physically possible. Gracia and Sant Gervasi will only hold this on working days, so if March 3rd falls on a Sunday, the events can take place on the 4th. 

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    2. Festival of Sant Josep Oriol 

    If your visit occurs over March 23rd, check out the Festival of Sant Josep Oriol that occurs annually in the squares surrounding Santa Maria del Pi church in Gotico. 

    The festival honors Sant Josep Oriol, who hailed from Ciutat Vella, and devoted his life to the sick and poor. 

    Most activities during this festive period involve Gegants del Pi, historical giants that are often popular fixtures during cultural events. 

    A final dance gathering involving the Gegants marks the close of the celebrations. It does not get any more Catalan tradition than this!

    3. Barcelona-Sitges International Car Rally

    View of the coastline of Sitges at sunset with a silhouette of buildings in the background

    If you’re a car enthusiast or are just looking for something different, you can’t miss out on the Barcelona-Sitges International Car Rally. 

    A tradition spanning 6 decades, the rally sees a fleet of privately held automobiles race along the scenic stretch between Barcelona and Sitges. 

    The competition only allows entries of cars manufactured prior to 1924. Drivers dress in attire customary to the period of the car’s manufacture. 

    Cars are displayed at L’illa Shopping Center before the rally and at La Plaza de la Fragata de Sitges after the event. While this event is normally held in March, the 2024 dates are early April

    Best Things to Do in Barcelona in March

    Wondering what to do in Barcelona in March? With mild humidity and clear skies, your options are endless! The only thing I wouldn’t recommend doing? Swimming. It might be a little too chilly for that! 

    1. Take a Cooking Class and Visit the Famous Boqueria Market 

    Bowl of seafood paella sitting on a wooden table in Barcelona in March

    Spain has some of the best cuisine in the world, so learn a few to take home to family and friends to enjoy for years to come. My friends beg for paella every time I return to the States, and yours are about to do the same!

    This is one of my favorite experience tours to bring my friends on when they visit. I particularly love this cooking class because it includes a paella dish and a spread of tapas (the real Barcelona classics!).

    Not only is an evening of cooking the perfect way to spend a cool day in March, but the Boqueria Market is a focal point in the city. It's a top Barcelona cultural experience, so you might as well get the most out of it!

    Check pricing and availability for my favorite cooking class in Barcelona

    2. Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell

    view of the colorful buildings in parc guell barcelona

    Visiting Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell in the spring is a treat. In spring, you'll find Sagrada Familia to be much calmer and quieter.

    Over at Parc Guell, the park comes alive with a burst of spring blooms, providing an excellent backdrop for an afternoon walk or a picnic.

    And the best part? Both attractions are much less crowded in the spring compared to high season - though I'd still recommend getting tickets ahead of time. Sagrada is the most visited place in Barcelona, after all.

    Check pricing and availability for easy access to Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell

    3. Spend the Day Hiking in Sitges

    March is the perfect time to make a day trip to the famous coastal town of Sitges. And even better than that, it's the absolute best time to take advantage of some of the exceptional hikes the town offers.

    There are plenty of options on the All Trails app, but these are two of my favorites:

    • Sitges to Vilanova i la Geltru - You can easily walk from Sitges to Vilanova, another coastal town. This route is 7-8 km long and usually takes me about 3 hours at a comfortable pace
    • One I do often starts in Garaff (a nearby beach town connected to Sitges by train) and ends in Sitges. It takes about 4.5 hours and drops you off at the top of Sitges. It is on the GR92 footpath. 

    If you're not one for hiking, you can also just take a day or weekend trip from Barcelona to Sitges for sightseeing or wine tastings.

    Check pricing and availability for a day trip from Barcelona to Tarragona and Sitges

    4. Spend Your Days Sightseeing

    Narrow cobblestone street lined with orange buildings in Barcelona

    As I said, March just isn't the time to be at the beach, but it is a great time to be outside.

    Visit all of Gaudi's creations, take a historic walking tour of Gothic Quarter, or visit any of the hundreds of museums scattered throughout the city.

    From the Pablo Picasso Museum to the Maritime Museum and the Moco Museum to the Barcelona History Museum, you'll find more than one museum for every type of person and traveler.

    Barcelona has tons of walking tours, e-bike tours, and private tours to make your day of sightseeing perfect.

    Take a historic walking tour through Gothic Quarter

    5.  Take a Day Tour to Montserrat

    Aerial view of Monsteratt a monastery built into the side of a large gray mountainside

    Take advantage of mild March temperatures that might make Montserrat less appealing in the hottest and peak summer months of August and September.

    Montserrat is complete with a former monastery housing “Black Madonna”, an important Christian relic visited by thousands of pilgrims a year.

    Montserrat is one of the most popular day trips from Barcelona, and for good reason. You'll find a new sense of peace and serenity once you make it to this mountain retreat.

    There are hiking trails up and around the mountain - if you're able to, I'd highly recommend taking advantage of them!

    Check out one of the best Montserrat Day and Hiking Tours

    6. Hang Out at the Rooftop Bars

    Have a cocktail at Sir Victor or enjoy the epic Sagrada Familia views at Bar-Terraza Ayre Rossello. Take advantage of some of the pools atop luxury hotels like The Rooftop at Serras or Nobu Hotel.

    Hanging out on the rooftops is a great way to get your daily dose of sunshine, hang out with friends, and experience the absolute stunning views of the city from higher viewpoints

    My friends and I frequent Barcelona's best rooftop bars when the sun starts to peak through in March!

    What to Wear in Barcelona in March

    Barcelona in March is neither exceedingly hot nor cold, and drought or not, you likely won’t see much rainfall. 

    If you’re not already accustomed, layers will become your best friend. 

    When packing, include 

    While it’s not necessarily hot, it will likely be quite sunny. It’s important to wear sunscreen year-round! 

    Locals dress for the season, not the weather. As someone who grew up being personally victimized by northern winters, I couldn’t quite understand why people wouldn’t want to wear flip-flops on the first mild day after a long, dark, winter. 

    Some days I rebel, finding solidarity amongst other expats thankful enough to be basking in the Spanish sun. More often than not, I try to acclimate, and dress for the season, not the weather.

    Is Barcelona safe?

    Yes. While Barcelona sees plenty of petty crime like pickpocketing, it is an incredibly safe city. As someone who’s traveled most of Europe solo, and lives alone thousands of miles from home, I can comfortably say that Barcelona is safe.

    All major cities, especially those that see high levels of tourism, will have concerns around pickpocketing. Always be mindful of belongings in busy areas and avoid dressing flashy. It’s not uncommon for gold necklaces or expensive watches to be snatched off of unsuspecting tourists before they even notice.

    Lastly, don’t walk through areas alone, highly intoxicated, or both. The streets in neighborhoods like the Gothic Quarter and Born can be confusing during the day, let alone after 7 overpriced gin and tonics. 

    Look out for each other, use cabs, and be discreet while using Google Maps to get around Barcelona. I have a free safety e-book to help you prepare for your trip.  

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      Getting Around Barcelona

      grid of Barcelona buildings and streets aerial view

      Barcelona is one of the most accessible cities I’ve ever been to. From the moment you step out of the airport, public transport is easy. You can arrive to center city via airport bus, metro, train, or cab. 

      Once you’ve arrived in city center, the same options exist and connect all the city and surrounding suburbs. Barcelona is compact and all points of interest can be reached by foot. 

      The T-Casual ticket is an affordable option (roughly 11 Euros) that allows for 10 rides across metros, buses, and trams. Tickets can be purchased in the machines at all metro stations. 


      Is it a good time to visit Barcelona in March?

      Yes - March is an incredible time to visit Barcelona.

      Spring is in the air and comes with sunny days and mild weather. There are fewer visitors than in peak months, making it a great time to take advantage of shorter queues and smaller crowds.

      What is happening in Barcelona in March?

      Saint Medir Festival and the Festival of Sant Josep Oriol both occur in March, offering access to unique cultural traditions for Catalonia. Expect parades, candy, and giant figurines! 

      How hot is it in Barcelona in late March?

      Late March sees temperatures of 72°F / 21°C. It's not nearly as humid in Barcelona in late March as it is in the summer months. It's a great time for sightseeing and strolling around in light jackets in the evening.

      What month is good for Barcelona?

      June, July, and August are good for visiting Barcelona as these are the most popular months. However, they also come with crowds and heat. If you prefer fewer crowds and cooler temperatures, April and May or September are good times to visit.

      Is Barcelona crowded in March?

      Barcelona does see some crowds and visitors in March, but at a much lower rate than in summer months. March is a great time to explore without shoulder to shoulder traffic, long lines, and impossible restaurant reservations.

      Barcelona in March Isn’t for You If…

      photo from the end of Barceloneta Beach of visitors splashing in the water and hanging on the shoreline with the city in the distance

      …you want to go to the beach! Most importantly, many people visiting Barcelona expect a tropical paradise with year-round warm weather. This simply isn’t the case. 

      Barcelona does get cold in the winter, February and March included. If you’re worried about getting that “summer, wild clubbing, days at the beach” Barcelona experience, March is not the time to go. 

      Lastly, if you prefer hot weather to cold weather, try out Barcelona from June to August instead. 

      Final Thoughts: Visiting Barcelona in March

      So there you have it! Will you be visiting Barcelona in March? March is a fantastic time to visit Barcelona. 

      The weather is mild and sunny - none of that humidity that I absolutely hate in the summer months! 

      And, there’s so much to do with nearly half of the crowds! Visiting in March gives you the chance to experience unique Catalan traditions like Saint Medir Festival or the Festival of Sant Josep Oriol. 

      After a long winter, I can’t think of a better place to recharge than on the Mediterranean Coast!

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