15 Best Tapas in Gothic Quarter Barcelona: Locals Guide 2024

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Looking for the Best Tapas in Gothic Quarter Barcelona? You’re in the right place!

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter has something special in store for you. With its colorful and vibrant culinary scene, this is where you’ll find Barcelona’s best tapas restaurants. 

As a local, I’ve had the pleasure of tasting hundreds of restaurants throughout the years that I’ve lived here. And now, I’m sharing my knowledge with you, so you’ll know exactly where to go for the most authentic and delicious tapas in the city. 

From hidden gems to tourist hotspots, this guide is your ultimate go-to for exploring the city’s vibrant culinary scene to devour signature dishes that will make your taste buds dance. You’ll discover signature dishes that define this city’s legendary cuisine. 

From hidden gems to well-known haunts, explore the city’s vibrant culinary scene and devour signature dishes that will make your taste buds dance. Get ready to savor Spain’s mouthwatering cuisine with these top picks for the best tapas in Gothic Quarter Barcelona!

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Best Tapas Tasting in Gothic Quarter

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15 Best Tapas in Gothic Quarter Barcelona

To avoid disappointment, I recommend making reservations year-round at these famed tapas in Gothic Quarter Barcelona. Plan your culinary tour and indulge in the finest flavors the city has to offer! 

1. La Plata

Tapas in Gothic Quarter Barcelona

La Plata consistently makes the cut for “Best Tapas in Barcelona“. Founded over 70 years ago, their food has maintained its traditional roots while boasting a lively and energetic atmosphere. 

The 6-item tapa list and wide beverage selection make it a go-to spot for the friendly locals. Don’t forget to try a popular glass of Vermouth while you’re there. Closed on Sundays, you can enjoy La Plata from 11:30 – 3 pm and 6-11 pm Monday through Saturday. 

😋I recommend: Pescaditos Fritos (fried fish)
📍Location: Carrer de la Mercè, 28, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

2. Gilda by Belgious

Gilda, the perfect date night spot, offers a moody vibe with unique twists on traditional tapas and Belgian cuisine. Quite frankly, I’ve gone here solo to and had a great time hanging at the bar alone as well. This dark lit restaurant easily offers some of the best tapas bars VC in Gothic Quarter.

In addition, you can revel in the charming artwork, polaroid keepsakes and top-notch cocktails while relishing attentive staff and stellar customer service. Located in the heart of Gothic Quarter, you’ll be in the center of Barcelona nightlife so you can keep the party going after dinner. 

Gilda is also just down the street from Capet, the Michelin Star restaurant in Gotico. Gothic Quarter is one of the most popular spots for some of the best food tours and e-bike tours in the city!

😋I recommend: Shrimp and Curry ice-cream (one of my favorites in all of Barcelona – it’s worth going just for this)
📍Location: Carrer Ample 34

3. Le Bistro Sensi 

Le Bistro Sensi is a gem of a date spot, in the heart of Gotico. This tapas restaurant in Gothic Quarter features exposed brick, cozy dim lighting, and tapas with international flare. Great for a chilly February evening.

Best Tapas in Gothic Quarter: Dessert topped with cream
Le Bistro Sensi tapas restaurant Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Delight in the curated wine pairings that will elevate every bite, from the sweet heat of the curry chicken tapas to the creamy burrata and the oh-so-decadent truffle raviolis. Don’t make the same mistake I did by skipping dessert; it’s a sin for your taste buds. 

To make your weekend planning easy, you can make reservations to Le Bistro Sensi online. Trust me, I live in Barcelona, and I try to avoid forgetting to make a reservation as it can turn into quite a pain when restaurants fill up.

😋I recommend: Truffle Raviolis
📍Location: Carrer del Regomir 4

4. L’ Antic Bocoi del Gotic

L Antic Bocoi boasts a setting defined by exposed brick and understated lighting, offering up a variety of traditional Catalan fare and the best Catalan tapas in Gothic Quarter. Even my local Catalan friends love this restaurant.

Seafood tapas

The star of the show is their Coca – a heavenly flatbread pizza that far surpasses anything else on L’Antic’s savory or sweet menu. The fresh bread and generously topped garlic cod fish were phenomenal. 

While regular tapas dishes are available, the Coca is the real standout, baked to perfection in a pizza oven.

😋I recommend: Cod-Fish Coco
📍Location: Baixada de Viladecols 3

5. Antic Tapas Ferran

Located only minutes away from Cathedral, Antic Tapas Ferran offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, making it perfect for indulging in the city’s culinary delights after a day of sightseeing

Not only does Antic serve the best paella in Barcelona, but it is also open from 10 am until midnight every day of the week.

Paella at a tapas bar in Gothic Quarter
Best tapas Gothic Quarter Barcelona

Say goodbye to afternoon closures that are commonplace in other restaurants – Antic remains open throughout the day and offers a wide menu that won’t disappoint.

😋I recommend: Paella
📍Location: Carrer de Ferran 59

6. Pla B

Pla B is a local favorite that specializes in the best tapas in Gothic Quarter and traditional Catalan cuisine, including the famous Escalivada

Their menu boasts the best croquettes and patatas bravas I’ve ever had, along with impeccable seafood paella. Pro Tip – head to the birth place of paella for a real treat.

Can’t resist dessert? Then savor their Creme Catalana or Xocolata amb Xocolata. Offering daily menu del dia specials and open seven days a week, Pla B is a must-visit in Barcelona that can’t be missed.

😋I recommend: Croquettes and Patatas Bravas
📍Location: Carrer de Bellafila 5

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    7. La Alcoba Azul

    La Alcoba Azul's food and ambience are beyond compare! With dungeon-esque vibes and exposed brick walls, it's a perfect Gothic tapas spot. The menu's highlight is the tostas, which come in 10 different variations, offering something for all taste buds. 

    Pan con Tomate

    You can't go wrong with the fresca (topped with blue cheese), the flavorful roast lamb served with eggplant hummus, spinach, and tzatziki, or the Iberian ham with tomato jam and curry cheese.

    😋I recommend: Tostas
    📍Location: C/ De Salomo ben Ardet 14

    8. Brugarol Barcelona

    Experience the fusion of Japanese-inspired tapas and contemporary dining at Brugarol Barcelona, a restaurant with intimate seating for just 21. 

    You can enjoy the exquisite 9 Tapas tasting menu for 60 euros featuring delicacies like truffle flan, tuna tartare wonton, organic tuna and vegetables and caramel with miso mousse. 

    Don't forget to book your online reservation and savor this memorable experience during lunch hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday or at dinner every day.

    😋I recommend: Tasting Menu
    📍Location: C/ de Salomo ben Adret, 10

    9. Gourmet Sensi

    Gourmet Sensi provides a multi-sensory tapas & platillos experience. The bright, modern atmosphere and lively environment create the perfect setting for enjoying modern tapas. 

    Plus, you can savor the constantly evolving wine menu that includes new, organic, and biodynamic offerings as well as signature cocktails like the spicy rock margarita, so you are sure to find your new favorite drink. 

    Fancy cocktails on a table

    In addition to the local fish of the day specials, they offer an array of delicious vegetarian dishes. 

    😋I recommend: Tuna Tartare
    📍Location: Carrer de Milans 4

    10. Can Culleretes

    Can Culleretes, established in 1786, proudly holds the title of the oldest restaurant in Barcelona. The moment you enter, you'll be in esteemed company, surrounded by pictures of famous diners on the walls.  

    Offering a menu del dia with traditional Catalonian cuisine, their selections are impeccably paired with fantastic wines. For me, the standout dish is their cod fish croquettes. Unsurprisingly, this restaurant fills up quickly, so grab your reservation before you go. 

    😋I recommend: Cod Fish Croquettas
    📍Location: Carrer d’en Quintana, 5

    11. Colom Restaurant 

    Colom Restaurant is one of Barcelona's local gems, consistently ranked on the list of the city's "best tapas" venues. This restaurant exudes chill unpretentious vibes and a devotion to preserving traditional Spanish gastronomy. 

    The menu features a vast selection of authentic tapas, flavorful paellas, and mouth-watering fideua

    Savor a Spanish omelet, codfish balls or bombas-- a traditional potato and meat dish. And don't forget to try some of Colom's renowned sangria! Conveniently located near Barceloneta Beach, immerse yourself in the essence of Spanish cuisine after a fun day at the beach. 

    This is a great option if you're craving a day on the coast but can't make it to Blanes, Cadiz, or Cadaques for a proper day on the water!

    😋I recommend: Paellas
    📍Location: Carrer dels Escudellers 33

    12. Bodega La Palma

    Bodega La Palma is an absolute gem that has become synonymous with wine nights for me. Nestled on a cozy street corner, this place offers more than just drinks. Along with an incredible wine selection, you'll be able to dive into a culinary experience with their variety of traditional tapas.

    One of my personal favorites is their local cheese pairings, showcasing the region's finest cheeses and flavors. You're bound to encounter something unique and delightful with each visit, which is why Bodega La Palma has quickly become a must-visit spot for me!

    It's not just drinks - they have the perfect setting for an evening of fun with friends at one of the beste tapas bar Barcelona.

    😋I recommend: Patatas bravas, Catalan cream
    📍Location: Carrer de la Palma de Sant Just, 7

    13. Bodega Biarritz 1881 Tapas Bar

    cheese board

    In addition to their high quality menu, Bodega Biarritz 1881 has surprise set menus for 2 people to share. With different price points, enjoy set menus of multiple appetizers, meat and cheese boards, and home- made tapas. If meat isn't for you, there are plenty of vegan restaurants just around the corner!

    If you’re not a fan of any of the tapas on the list, they’re happy to change it out. This is a great option to get a varied selection of tapas

    😋I recommend: Surprise Set Menu
    📍Location: Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, 7

    14.  La Fonda

    If you're a foodie looking for insider tips for the best tapas in Gothic Quarter Barcelona, then it's a must to check out La Fonda, which comes highly recommended by the locals.

    Expect to be greeted by an elegant ambiance and fantastic food at surprisingly wallet-friendly prices. Not only do they offer daily menu del dia deals, but you can also indulge in traditional tapas with a unique twist influenced by international flavors. Imagine Italian-inspired tapas, enough to make your mouth water!

    La Fonda is open every day from 1pm to 11pm - one of the few places that will be open in the mid-afternoon hours. Conveniently, you can book your table online, which I always recommend when it comes to restaurants in Gotico.

    😋I recommend: Fideua Fishermans Style
    📍Location: Carrer dels Escudellers, 10

    15 . Viana Barcelona

    It’s hard for me to rate what’s better at Viana, the food or their cocktails. Both are some of the best I’ve found in Barcelona.

    Offering small plates and tasting menus in a chic atmosphere, you’ll find helpful staff, eager to offer up recommendations. Open daily for dinner, with lunch available on weekends, make sure to give this one a try. 

    😋I recommend: Baby Scallops
    📍Location: Carrer de Vidre, 7

    Tapas in Barcelona Food Guide


    A deep-fried snack sent from Heaven. Resembling the shape of mozzarella sticks, the fillings are often mixtures of meat and potatoes, and can be found in almost any restaurant. While ham and chicken fillings are popular, there are plenty of local vegetarian options.  

    Spanish Omelet: 

    A traditional dish found in all parts of Spain, this is essentially an fried egg omelette with potatoes, that sometimes includes onion. 


    Alright, well it’s not technically a Spanish tapas, you will find it on almost every menu of best tapas in Gothic Quarter! A popular cheese dish made of mozzarella and cream; it goes incredibly with bread and tomato!

    Patatas Bravas: 

    Traditional dish meaning spicy potatoes, these are typically served with a spicy sauce or aioli and can be found in almost any restaurant. 

    Unique Things to Do in Gothic Quarter Barcelona

    Sagrada Familia from a terrace

    Best Places to Stay in Gothic Quarter

    Best Time to Go to Gothic Quarter Barcelona

    Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is a vibrant area of the city all year round. June is a great time to visit, and my favorite month in Barcelona. In the spring months, the warm weather starts to draw people out of their homes and onto the streets.

    Beach season has just begun, so there will be plenty of opportunities for sunbathing, sunset cruises, and watersports. The summer months, particularly July, August, and September are the most popular, but can also be quite crowded.

    November through January is the rainiest time of year, but still pleasant and mild in temperature. You may need a coat for colder days though!

    FAQ: Best Restaurants in Gothic Quarter Barcelona

    Now that you have the best restaurants in Gothic Quarter, here are some frequently asked questions about this famous Barcelona town.

    Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is brimming with character with twisting cobblestone streets, electrifying nightlife, mouth watering food, and local boutiques. All of these things make Gothic Quarter such a special place in the city.

    Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is a vibrant and iconic neighborhood featuring cobblestone streets, Gothic architecture, delicious tapas, and much more. It is located in the heart of Barcelona, making it ideal for visitors looking for a truly unique experience. Full of rooftop bars, local shops, street performers, tapas, and parks. These are just a few examples among many- so come take a stroll through one of Barcelona's most beloved neighborhoods!

    The best time for tapas in Barcelona is for lunch or dinner. You'll find that lunch typically starts at 2 PM in Barcelona. After lunch, many restaurants close for a few hours, re-opening for dinner around 8 PM. 

    La Rambla is close to Gothic Quarter, but they are not the same. La Rambla is a street of tourist restaurants, shops, cafes, and excitement. Gothic Quarter is an area of Barcelona with a lively nightlife and winding cobblestone streets.

    Gothic Quarter is known for being a historic and popular center of Barcelona. Its Gothic architecture, lively nightlife, delicious restaurants, and Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi located in the city town center make it one of the most visited areas of Barcelona.

    Summary: Best Tapas in Gothic Quarter

    Ready to taste the best tapas in Gothic Quarter?!

    Enjoy a casual meal of small tapas, grab a late lunch of paella with your friends, or enjoy authentic Catalan dishes at any of these best tapas restaurants in Gotic.

    Not only do you get to experience amazing flavors and textures but the ambience also adds to the overall Barcelona experience.

    Skip the guess work and plan the best Barcelona Tapas and Wine Small Group Walking Tour

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    stops in Gotico

    It is an excellent way to truly enjoy Barcelona's cuisine, and make you feel like a local. Whether you're visiting for a few days, months, or you live here full-time, be sure to take advantage of the city's amazing tapas culture.

    Summary of Best Tapas in Gothic Quarter

    Gothic Quarter is the ultimate place to go for tapas in Barcelona. You can find a variety of different bars and restaurants that offer traditional Catalonian dishes and unique local flavors.

    Whether you’re looking for traditional cava and seafood tapas or more modern options like Gilda by Belgious (my FAVORITE), there’s something to satisfy every taste.

    Skip the guess work and eat tapas with the locals

    Spread of Tapas on a wooden table

    ⭐ 5/5 Stars
    🏆 Barcelona Tapas, Taverns and Gothic Quarter History Tour

    10 tapas, 5 drinks
    local guide
    Gotico history tour

    Plus, with some of the best paella lunch spots in the city, the Gothic Quarter is a great place to come for a truly unforgettable meal.

    And if you're looking for fun nightlife activities, there's plenty of cocktail bars and rooftop spots where you can party all night long after filling up on tapas!

    There's no doubt that Gothic Quarter has some of my favorite tapas bars in Barcelona - it's certainly not a trip to Barcelona without a trip to it's most historic city center.

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