100+ Punny Barcelona Instagram Captions

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Are you tired of the same old Instagram captions? Well, look no further, because Barcelona is here to save the day! This vibrant city is not just a feast for the eyes, but also the perfect backdrop for your next Insta-worthy photo.

From stunning architecture to breathtaking landscapes, there’s no shortage of picture-perfect moments to capture.

And of course, with the perfect photos, comes the need for the perfect Barcelona Instagram captions.

So fear not, I’ve got you covered. Here are over 100 punny and insta-worthy photo captions that will make both you and your followers laugh out loud.

So get ready to unleash your creativity and get ready to share your memories with these captions.

Let’s dive in and find the caption that will take your Instagram game to a whole new level!

Barcelona Art and Architecture 

girl with champagne and cathedral in the background at hotel colen

Barcelona’s art and architecture are mesmerizing – you can’t help but be awe-struck. Whether it’s the stunning works of Gaudí, the intricate designs of the Gothic Quarter, or the vibrant street art scattered throughout the city, every corner is a masterpiece.

Don’t forget to snap some photos along the way, as capturing the essence of Barcelona’s artistic spirit is truly a must. Here are some caption ideas to inspire your art photos in the city:

  1. Might has Guell end here 
  2. Feeling Picasso-nate about this city
  3. Park Güell, you sure look swell!
  4. Oh my Gaudí
  5. Barcelona, where every day is a Gaudi day.
  6. They’re still working on the Sagrada Familia because perfection takes time… a lot of time.
  7. Sagrada Familia: Proof that good things come to those who wait… and wait… and wait.
  8. This basilica is a Gaudí-send.
  9. Crane-ing my neck to see the top of Sagrada Familia!
  10. Sagrada Familia taught me that being incomplete is a masterpiece.
  11. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the Sagrada Familia is taking it to a whole new level.
  12. Feeling quite ‘arch’-aic in Barcelona 
  13. Don’t settle for Sagrada Familia-r
  14. Barcelona: Always a Gaudi investment 
  15. Barcelona is really a Gaudi-send
  16. Mi Casa Milà es tu Casa Milà
  17. A Milà second is all it takes to fall in love with Barcelona
  18.  It’s a Milà-cle!
  19. Can’t ‘roof’-use the beauty of Casa Batlló’
  20. Gaudí Galavanting
  21. This city is kinda of Gaudi but I love it
  22. Looking Gaudi
  23. I tried to read a book on Gaudí’s work, but I couldn’t finish it because it had too many twists and turns.

Barcelona’s Food and Wine

Salmon tapas plate

When it comes to visiting Barcelona, one cannot underestimate the importance of indulging in the city’s vibrant food and wine scene. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with an array of mouthwatering tapas plates, each perfectly plated for your Instagram feed.

As you sip on your glass of robust Rioja or crisp Cava, don’t forget to capture those picture-perfect candid wine pics, a perfect way to remember the moments of pure bliss. Cheers to unforgettable food and wine within Barcelona’s gastronomic wonders!

  1. Tapas into Barcelona’s food scene
  2. Tapa-bout a good time 
  3. Tapas taste, never a waste
  4. Does this Sangria count as my fruit for the day?
  5. Every meal here is a paella of fun
  6.  ‘tapas’-solutely delicious!
  7. Paella and pals
  8. Pass the paella
  9. Do you have an English menu?
  10. When in doubt, eat tapas 
  11. Espresso and jet lag  
  12. Paella perfect
  13. Tapas into your tastebuds 
  14. When life gives you lemons, go find Cava
  15. When life gives you lemons, put ‘em in the Sangria
  16. In a ‘fizz’-ical state of happiness with every glass of cava
  17. Cava-diem 
  18. Having a grape time in Barcelona
  19. Pour decisions were made 
  20. I’m on cloud wine
  21. Sip back and relax 
  22. Bottling up my emotions 


Gothic Quarter, Gracia, El Born, oh my! You’re probably staying in one of these areas – don’t forget to snap photos of the picture-perfect neighborhoods.

gothic quarter narrow alley street
  1. La Rambla-ing on about this beautiful city.
  2. Gothic Quarter got me feeling like a historic explorer
  3. Montserrat, more like Monserrat-tisfying views
  4. Montserrat really peaked my interest (for the hiking lovers!)
  5. Feelin’ El Born again
  6. Feeling quite ‘arch’-aic in the Gothic Quarter
  7. Having a gargoyle of a time in the Gothic Quarter!
  8. I came. I saw. I got lost in the Gothic Quarter.
  9. Gothic Quarter: It’s not moody, it’s just architecturally expressive.
  10. La Ramblin’ on about how amazing Barcelona is
  11. I’m Gothic Quarter of the way to falling in love with this city
  12. Caught between Gaudi and Gucci on Passeig de Gràcia
  13. Un-raval-ing the beauty of Barcelona


Beach clubs, rooftop drinks, fancy dinner bars – the party doesn’t stop! You might get your best (or blurriest pictures out in Barcelona past midnight. Stay safe!

florecent lit bar from the second floor
  1. Gaudi-ed too hard last night.
  2. Siesta by day, fiesta by night
  3. Came for the sights, stayed for the nights
  4. Table Service: Where you pay double to act half your age
  5. I’ve got 99 problems but a beach club ain’t one
  6. El Born to be wild 
  7. Beach waves and night raves

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    City of Barcelona overlook with Sagrada Familia and a mountain in the distance
    1. Keeping up with the Catalans
    2. Barcelona vibes 
    3. No Spain, no game
    4. Barcel-owned my heart from the start
    5. Siesta and fiesta, the Barcelona agenda.
    6. Catalan culture and a beautiful sculpture
    7. Magic Fountain show, where the night begins to glow
    8. Today’s good mood sponsored by Barcelona
    9. Pickpockets really know how to 'handle' a crowd.
    10. Catch flights, not feelings
    11. Not all who wander are lost…but I’m really not sure how to get back to my hotel
    12. OOO
    13. When it doubt, travel it out
    14. Siesta the day away
    15. Ready, set, siesta
    16. You’re never Barc-alone here
    17. The ‘art’-chitecture of doing nothing 
    18. The city that catalan-not sleep
    19. the only city where you can take a nap in the afternoon and call it a cultural experience
    20. Mastering the art of siesta 


    1. Camp Nou, feeling like a champion too.
    2. They play football with their feet here
    3. Lacing up for another day in paradise
    4. Europeans really know how to kick it
    5. Not just here for kicks
    6. Just 22 people running after a ball 
    7. Kickin it with the crew


    Heading to the beach? Or maybe taking a day trip to Costa Brava? Don't forget to leave plenty of time for sun and sand during your trip...oh, and take LOTS of photos too!

    barcelona beach with a lone palm tree and building in the distance
    1. I’ve got 99 problems but a beach ain’t one
    2. Sea-sing the day 
    3. Simply sand-sational
    4. Nothing ‘beach’ the feeling of a day in the sand
    5. Girls just wanna have sun
    6. Sun of a beach
    7. Don’t be salty
    8. Keep Palma and Carry On
    9. Barcelona is shore to please
    10. Life’s a beach
    11. I’m shore you’d love it here

    Punny Instagram Captions for Your Barcelona Insta Posts

    In conclusion, Barcelona and Gaudi go hand in hand like tapas and sangria. With these 103 punny Instagram captions, you'll be able to capture the excitement of your trip to the city and its iconic architecture.

    Whether you're strolling along the colorful streets of the Gothic Quarter or marveling at the intricate details of La Sagrada Familia, these Barcelona puns will add a touch of whimsy to your social media posts.

    So go ahead and unleash your creativity, because when it comes to puns, Barcelona truly Gaudi's all out!

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