How to Take a Day Trip from Barcelona to Sitges: Local Guide

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Wondering how to take a day trip from Barcelona to Sitges this year? You’re in the right place! I’ve spent the last few years living in Barcelona and have been exploring the towns and cities nearby since I got here. 

Sitges happens to be one of my favorites! When city life gets a little too stuffy, I love to make my way over to the coastal town of Sitges. It’s conveniently located on the metro line and provides activities for visitors of any age and gender and visitors with a million different kinds of interests! This makes it absolutely perfect for a day trip. 

In this post, I’m going to break down, step by step, how to get to Sitges from Barcelona (and back, of course!). I’ll even give you a few tips on what you don’t want to miss out on while you’re there. 

Whether you live in Spain or are just visiting Barcelona for a few days, a day in Sitges is worth the trek. So let’s dive in!! 

Getting to Sitges

There are a few ways to get to Sitges, but I’d recommend taking the train from Barcelona city center to the Sitges train stop. You can also take a bus or taxi – which will be the most expensive option, or drive yourself! Thankfully, it’s super easy to get around Barcelona so this will be fairly straight forward.

Now let’s help you plan the perfect day trip from Barcelona!

How to take the train from Barcelona to Sitges 

Cost: €4.90
Time: 45 minutes 

Directions: Take the R2S to Sitges
Tickets: T-Casual Zone 3 

A hand holding two Renfe tickets against a plain background.
your tickets will look like this!

There are a few train stations you can leave from for this particular journey. Taking the train usually takes 40-45 minutes. Leave a little time for canceled or delayed trains. 

You can take the train to Sitges from these three stations: 

  • Barcelona Sants
  • Estacio de França
  • Passeig de Gracia

I live closest to Passeig de Gracia, so that’s the train I usually hop on! The train is definitely my favorite way to get out of the city. It’s safe, clean, and generally reliable. However, it does get crowded so keep that in mind if you get anxious is small spaces with lots of people. 

On the weekends – especially from June to September – there may not be seats for everyone so you may find yourself with standing room only. Unsurprisingly, this is an extremely popular weekend trip from Bcn as well.

You will want to get off at the “Sitges” stop. Easy peasy!

Tips for taking the train: Purchase tickets at the kiosks or request help at the desk. You’ll insert your ticket into the turnstile, pick your ticket up when it’s returned, and go through the doors when they open. You’ll do the same thing when you arrive at your destination. 

Wanna save and travel easy all around the city? A T-Casual Pass for Zone 3 (which will get you to Sitges) costs €32.55. 

The T-Casual Pass gives you 10 trips – I always have a t-causal pass on me. The pass gives you access to train rides and metro rides within the zones you purchase from. 

Entrance to Passeig de Gràcia station with stairs and an escalator leading underground, and a street scene with pedestrians above.
entrance to passeig de gracia station

Taking the Bus

Cost: €9 round trip
Time: 50 minutes to an hour
Directions: Bus Garraf e16 Sitges – Barcelona from Placa Espana. You will get off at the Parc Can Robert bus stop in Sitges. 
Tickets: T-Casual Zone 3 can be purchased at the train station 

People waiting at an Avanza bus stop, with the yellow and black bus reflecting the surrounding buildings and the crowd.
hopping on a bus?

I don’t usually opt for the bus to Sitges, but I have taken it to nearby towns like Garraf that don’t have a metro stop. 

This will also take the longest. The buses, in my experience, have the longest delays. This can be due to traffic, driver breaks, or longer stops than planned. 

I also get car sick and this is definitely the worst option for that. 

On the other hand, the busses are pretty large and spacious – quite comfortable in terms of a public bus, so you won’t be miserable if you do choose this option. The bus also gives you the opportunity to get off at different stops in between Barcelona and Sitges that the train doesn’t. 

This route is included in the Zone 3 T-Casual ticket which provides 10 trips from Zone 1-3 for €32.55.

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    Take a Tour!

    Cost: €90-200
    Time: 37-45 minutes
    Average tour time: 9-10 hours

    Don't wanna worry about the logistics? There are plenty of tours that will t ake you to Sitges and how you around.

    Taking a Taxi

    Cost: average €65-90 
    Time: 37-45 minutes

    Three black and yellow taxis parked in front of the Barcelona Nord bus station under a clear blue sky.
    plenty of taxis available all over the city!

    Unless you’re really uncomfortable with crowds or simply aren’t on a budget, I wouldn’t suggest taking a taxi. It’s by far the most expensive option, costing €70-€80 on average to get from city centre to Sitges. 

    There's a taxi stand near the train station. You can also use the FreeNow app to call a taxi.

    Trips for Your Day Trip

    A wide pedestrian promenade lined with palm trees and buildings on one side, with the beach visible on the other.
    View of Sitges downtown area
    • Don't forget to pack lots of water - it gets hot here! Plus, you'll want water while you're sitting on the train.
    • Leave early - the later in the afternoon you head to Sitges, the busier the train will be. I'd recommend hopping on as early as you can avoid the crowds. This will also give you a chance to see Sitges with fewer crowds!
    • If you have the chance, visit in the offseason!
    • Wear comfortable shoes - Sitges is a walking town.
    • Come hungry! There are some delicious tapas and seafood restaurants here. It's a great place to get your paella fix in if you're coming with friends.
    • Take lots of pictures! Sitges is one of the most Instagramable villages outside the city.

    Things to Do in Sitges for a Day

    A palm tree-lined promenade with a "Tren-tram Turistic" sign featuring a cartoon bell character and a red car parked nearby.
    Sitges has their own little tourist tram if you don't want to walk
    • Walk the coast: you can even take a longer hike to Vilanova or another village
    • Hike to the Garraf Buddhist Monastery: this is a long hike but paved and quite fun!
    • Spend the day at the beaches along the coast
    • Ride the Tourist Tram
    • Eat some paella at one of the local restaurants
    • Shop local at the pop up tents


    Here are a few more questions you may have before planning your day trip to Sitges. Have more questions? Feel free to email me at

    A sandy beach in Sitges with the sea in the background, mountains in the distance, and a few scattered clouds.
    some of my favorite beaches are in Sitges

    Is Sitges worth a day trip from Barcelona?

    Yes! Sitges is a perfect coastal getaway for a day trip from Barcelona. There are hikes, great paella, and amazing beaches to visit for a day. The trip will take you less than an hour, so you will have plenty of time to explore the town. 

    Is Sitges worth visiting?

    Yes - Sitges is worth visiting. Sitges is a beautiful coastal town just an hour outside of Barcelona. If you love beaches, outdoor activities, and seafood, Sitges is the place for you. 

    Why is Sitges so popular?

    Sitges is popular for its beautiful beaches, a coastal hike (amazing for photo ops), and delicious paella and wine. It’s also considered a safe haven for the LGBTQIA+ community. You’ll find restaurants, a fun nightlife, and friendly locals.

    How much does it cost to take a train from Barcelona to Sitges?

    The train costs €4.90 each way. The prices has increased slightly over the years, so be sure to check the TMB website before to make sure this price is still accurate!

    How much does a taxi cost from Barcelona to Sitges?

    A taxi from Barcelona to Sitges will cost anywhere between €65-90 depending on where you are leaving from in the city. You can check the cost on the FreeNow app or with any taxi operator. 

    How long should I spend in Sitges?

    You can spend one day in Sitges or a weekend. I’d recommend opting for a weekend. That way, you can get a day of hiking and a day of beach, plus plenty of time to explore the town and nightlife. 

    Summary: Sitges Day Trip

    So there you have it! You now know how to get from Barcelona to Sitges by train, bus, or taxi. I hope you enjoy this beautiful coastal town as much as I do.

    Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach day, a scenic hike, or a giant bowl of paella, Sitges has something to offer everyone.

    No matter how you choose to spend your time there, I'm sure it will be one of your favorites!

    Still have questions? Email me and let me help you plan the perfect trip to Barcelona!

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