13 Spectacular Barcelona Sunset Cruises in 2024

Looking for the best sunset cruises in Barcelona?!

You’re in the right place. Welcome! I’m Rachel; a Barcelona expat with a love for heping you explore everything this beautiful coastal city has to offer.

From the bustling ports to the stunning skyline, there is nothing quite like taking to the water to experience Barcelona in the most unique way!

Not only are cruises a fantastic way to soak in the sights, but they offer the perfect opportunity to mingle with fellow travelers and meet new people on your adventures.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to! Here are the best Barcelona sunset cruises for your trip.

My Top 3 Picks: Barcelona Sunset Cruises

#1 Pick
friends arms holding cocktail drinks in the air on a Barcelona sunset cruise

Barcelona Sunset Cruise

✅ snacks, open bar

✅ learn to sail!

✅ swim if you’d like

#2 Pick
group of four friends from behind waving and dancing on a sailboat

Barcelona Sunset Private Sailing

✅ private experience

✅ up to 10 guests

✅ tapas and cocktails

#3 Pick
view of barcelona skyline at sunset

Unique Sunset Sailing Experience in Barcelona

✅ family friendly

✅ two hours

✅ maximum 11 guests

13 Best Sunset Cruises in Barcelona

1. Barcelona Sunset Cruise with Light Snacks and Open Bar

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 2 hours | Book now

friends arms holding cocktail drinks in the air on a  Barcelona sunset cruise

Kick back and relax with a cold glass of cava in hand while your skipper effortlessly navigates through the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy the sun slowing setting over the calm waters – and if the mood strikes, you can even learn how to hoist the sails yourself!

The friendly crew is on hand to deliver delicious tapas while you enjoy the unique view of the city skyline from the sea.

If the weather is right, you can even jump into the water and go for a quick evening swim to cool off. It gets pretty hot in the deep summer months, usually around June to mid September.

Trust me, hopping into the cool water might be the highlight of your day!

Whether you’re with your friends or family, this easy sailing trip will leave everyone happy at the end of the evening.

Guest review:Wonderful experience. Fantastic staff, snacks, cava and views! Beautiful way to see the city at sunset/night. The crew took care of us from start to finish, refilling snacks and drinks and making sure we were having a good time!” – Jan (more reviews)

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2. Barcelona Sunset Private Sailing with Light Snacks and Open Bar

Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 2 hours | Book now

group of four friends from behind waving and dancing on a sailboat

Get ready for the sailing experience of a lifetime! Sail off into the sunset with your own private tour.

The tour leaves from Barcelona’s famous Port Vell, so I’d recommend making a stop at Brisa restaurant before you hit the sails. The cocktails and croquettes are some of my favorite in the area. Plus, some spectacular views of the port!

As you set sail, you’ll also be treated to some light tapas and refreshing drinks while taking in the breathtaking views of the calm evening water and the sunset. Whether you choose to float in the water or watch the sunset from the boat, you’re in for a treat.

And the icing on the cake? The captains, Vicky and Liz, are incredibly accommodating and will go out of their way to make sure your group has the best possible experience. It’s the perfect activity for a bachelor/bachelorette party or anniversary celebration. You’ll never forget this one!

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3. Unique Sunset Sailing Experience in Barcelona

Rating ⭐ 4.5 stars | Length 2 hours | Book now

view of barcelona skyline at sunset

Set sail and take in Barcelona’s stunning skyline on a unique sunset sail experience. As you cruise along the coastline, you’ll be treated to some of the coolest views of the city.

But the real highlight comes as the sun dips below the horizon, bathing the city in a golden glow.

Along the way, you’ll also enjoy views of Platja de la Nova Icaria – one of Barcelona’s famous beaches – from the water.

And if you’re bringing the whole family, they offer a discount for children – it’s stroller accessible for the smallest members of your family.

That means you can share this beautiful adventure with your favorite kiddies. They can even jump into the water if they want. This is the perfect way to spend some quality time with the family and getaway in the quiet coastal waters.

Guest review: “Beautiful and relaxing way to see the city skyline and enjoy the water. We had a great group and enjoyed the conversation with our captain and the other guests. Enjoyed the snacks and learned about some of the buildings. Was lovely to actually get to sail too.” Miranda (more reviews)

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    4. Amazing 2 hour Exclusive Sunset Cruise from Barcelona

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 2 hours | Book now

    couples looking towards the sunset with a bottle of champagne in the midde on a sunset sail

    Experience the ultimate luxury with this exclusive sunset cruise aboard a state-of-the-art sailing boat. With room for 12 of your closest friends, you'll enjoy an intimate and personal experience, allowing you to fully appreciate Barcelona's sunset.

    As you relax on the deck, take the opportunity to admire the city's most iconic landmarks from a unique perspective.

    Unwind with a cold drink and soak in the fresh air. There are plenty of weekend trips and day trips to getaway - but if you want to stay right in Barcelona you'll feel far away from the bustling crowds of the city on the water.

    This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don't miss the chance to indulge in the luxury and elegance of this sailing adventure.

    Guest review: "A great way to see the coast/beaches of Barcelona along with a beautiful sunset. The captain designed the trip based on what we wanted to see and was fun and knowledgable. A great way to escape the tourist crowds of Barcelona." Bear (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    5. Barcelona Sailing Sunset Experience Shared Sailboat from Port Olimpic

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 2 hours | Book now

    three people laughing at a table on a boat over food and drinks

    Climb aboard the sailing sunset cruise from Port Olimpic and immerse yourself in a picture perfect journey on the water.

    This small group trip is your chance to getaway from the busy streets of Barcelona allows you to relax and unwind in the serene setting of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Jorge, your experienced captain, will be on hand throughout the evening to ensure an easy, carefree journey from start to finish.

    Along the way, you'll pass by some of the city's most breathtaking attractions, all while making new friends - a great option for the solo travelers passing through the city. Learn a bit about Barcelona's storied history as you sail into the sunset, enjoying the awe-inspiring beauty of the coastline.

    This Barcelona sunset cruise is the perfect opportunity to see Barcelona from a whole new perspective.

    Guest review: "We had a wonderful sail with Jorge! The boat was lovely, Jorge had snacks and drinks (including sangria), and a great playlist. Highly recommend this beautiful experience!" - Nicole (more reviews)

    check pricing and availability

    6. Barcelona Sailing Cruise with Light Snacks and Open Bar

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 2 hours | Book now

    If you're looking for a great evening out with friends in Barcelona, you can't go wrong with a sailing cruise - complete with delicious Barcelona tapas and an open bar.

    And this particular one is aboard a luxury sailboat, which adds a touch of sophistication to your experience. You'll have the chance to try some of Barcelona's famous tapas while enjoying stunning views of the coast.

    And if you're interested in sailing, you can even help out the crew. With only 10 people per boat, you're sure to have a more intimate and personalized experience.

    From start to finish, this is a 10/10 experience that you won't forget anytime soon. And to top it all off, the drinks will keep flowing, making sure that you and your crew have a great time.

    Check pricing and availability

    7. Sunset Catamaran Cruise with Live Music

    Rating ⭐ 4.7 stars | Length 1.5 hours | Book now

    group of friends dancing on a boat

    Dance the night away under the stars with a live jazz band on board during a sunset catamaran cruise, one of the most popular activities in Barcelona.

    This floating party allows you to soak up the spectacular views as you cruise past the city's famous landmarks and watch the sun dip below the skyline.

    Drinks are readily available to purchase, so you can sip something cold while feeling the cool breeze of the Mediterranean Sea in your hair.

    The meeting point, located near Las Ramblas, offers plenty of dining choices to suit any taste before you board the boat.

    Pro tip though: stay away from expensive fancy meals in Las Ramblas, it's a bit touristy here. And definitely don't bother with the paella here - save that for Valencia. There's no drinks on board so you might want to fill up before you hop on.

    This Barcelona sunset sail with live music is the ultimate mix of relaxation, entertainment, and scenery with this must-book catamaran excursion!

    Check pricing and availability

    8. Sunset Private Sailing Experience in Barcelona up to 11 Guests

    Rating ⭐ 4.5 stars | Length 2-4 hours | Book now

    Head out on a romantic sunset sailing cruise in Barcelona, departing from the luxurious Port Olympic. Sip on Barcelona's favorite champagne, cava, (learn more about cava on a wine tour through the city) as you watch the sun slowly set over the Mediterranean Sea with your favorite crew.

    Gliding along the calm waters, you'll pass by the stunning Montjuic mountain, providing an Instagram-worthy backdrop for your journey. Now that's something you can't do in Madrid!

    While there is no food served on board, be sure to indulge in some of Barcelona's best tapas before setting sail. Take a short walk from Port Olympic to the Gothic Quarter, which has some of my favorite and most authentic tapas bars bites.

    Get your camera ready as the sunset promises to be full of picture-perfect views and unforgettable memories.

    9. Barcelona Sunset Cruise with Open Bar of Cava & local Champagne 

    Rating ⭐ 5 stars | Length 1.5 hours | Book now

    hands of four guests on a boat cheers with glasses of champagne

    If you want a unique perspective of Barcelona at sunset, then a sunset cruise is a must-do experience. Enjoy the views of the city's skyline as you sip on Spain's famous bubbly drink, cava.

    As you cruise past Playa de la Barceloneta, you'll also get to see the old fisherman neighborhood, which is a nod to the city's maritime heritage.

    But the highlight of the cruise is undoubtedly seeing Gaudi's iconic Sagrada Familia - Barcelona's most visited attraction from the water.

    This is a 5-star evening out on the calm waters of Barcelona, and it's perfect for both tourists and locals alike. So sit back, relax and soak up the beauty of the Mediterranean Coast.

    check pricing and availability

    10. Sunset Jazz Cruise in Barcelona

    Rating ⭐ 4.5 stars | Length 1.5 hours | Book now

    photo of someones hand playing a saxophone on a boat at sunset

    Experience the magic of Barcelona on a beautiful sailboat with a live jazz band. No need to worry about dinner arrangements as drinks and tapas are also available for purchase on board.

    Gobble down light snacks while you watch the sun slowly sink into the Mediterranean Sea.This is the perfect way to begin a romantic night in Barcelona with the sunset, live music, and delicious food and drinks.

    When you get off, head out to one of the famous bars in el Born and get ready for a night to remember!

    Check pricing and availability

    11. Barcelona Luxury Private Sunset Yacht Cruise

    Rating ⭐ 4.8 stars | Length 2 hours | Book now

    Photo of a couple holding each other on the edge of a sailboat at sunset

    Grab your best friends and get ready for a lavish private yacht cruise to get your night started. Skip the lines and avoid the crowds, as you and your group are the only guests on board.

    With an awesome captain and crew at your service, you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the views Snacks and drinks are included, so you won't have to worry about a thing.

    And with service available in five different languages, all your friends from around the world can join in on the fun. There's truly no better way to get a night out started than on a private boat watching the sunset.

    Guest review: "We had the most amazing private yacht tour with Jorge. He was the best host who made sure we had a wonderful time. Beautiful scenery, lovely boat, drinks, snacks, music and a lot of fun! Highly recommend this excursion" (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availiability

    12. Barcelona Sunset Sailing Tour with Drinks & Snacks

    Rating ⭐ 4.8 stars | Length 2 hours | Book now

    sailboat in the water at sunset

    Barcelona is full of unique experiences, but none compare to the stunning sunset sailing tour This tour is a true treat for the eyes as you cruise along the coast, sipping on drinks and snacking on small bites.

    With a small group of new travel buddies, this is a can't miss experience. And the best part? It won't break your bank!

    At a great price, you and your friends can take in the breathtaking views of the city as the sun sets behind it. And if it's a hot day, don't forget to bring your swimsuit and towel for a refreshing dip in the cool Mediterranean waters. Though I wouldn't suggest that if you're visiting in the winter months like January, February, and March.

    This tour offers the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and breathtaking sights that will please even the busiest of travelers.

    Guest review: "I booked this trip very spontaneously (solo traveler from Germany 🇩🇪) and it was fantastic! The guide Luigi was so nice, the food and the drinks - beer, prosecco, etc- were great and the people on board (small group) were fun too!" Sina (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    13. Barcelona Sunset Cruise with Drinks & Snacks

    Rating ⭐ 4.7 stars | Length 4 hours | Book now

    hand raising a glass of wine overlooking an ocean sunset with purple and pink skies

    Barcelona is known for its scenic beauty and mesmerizing sunsets. What could be better than enjoying this experience while sailing on a boat?

    Hop on this sunset cruise in Barcelona! You'll get to enjoy stunning views of the sunset in a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, a variety of cold snacks and drinks like cheese boards, cava, and sangria. Check in with the crew if you need some vegan recommendations, as they likely won't have anything for you onboard.

    You can even elevate your experience with the option to have a live guitarist on board. The cherry on top is that this tour is eco-certified, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Who doesnt love responsible tourism!?

    Not only will your skipper steer the boat, but they will also act as your local guide, sharing insights and stories about the beautiful Barcelona coastline.

    Guest review: "Violeta was an amazing guide! My friends and I did this tour on our first day in Barcelona and it was an incredible introduction to the city! We had a blast enjoying the Mediterranean Sea while munching on snacks, drinking cava, sangria, and beer, and listening to music. I highly recommend this tour!" Kaitlyn (more reviews)

    Check pricing and availability

    What to Pack on Your Sunset Cruise in Barcelona

    What to Pack for Barcelona

    I'm all about convenience and there's no better way to keep everything you need on you than with a stylish belt bag. Plus, pesky pickpockets can be a really problem in the busy areas of Barcelona.

    Here are my favorite things to pack when it comes to traveling around Barcelona (or anywhere, really!) I travel a ton, so I've got this down to a science now!


    Belt Bag


    Don't forget that the sun hits different in Barcelona! Protect your skin. If you're traveling through Europe, don't forget that some airports, (specifically London) have pesky liquid requirements.



    Going to the beach? Don't forget your towel! And definitely don't get stuck waiting for it to dry. These quick dry towels keep away the worst part of the beach (sand) and make it easy to store them when you're back in your hotel. Plus, they're super compact and light weight.



    Hear me out - you'll be walking a lot while you're in Barcelona. In fact, you'll probably have to walk through one of Barcelona's neighborhoods to get to your sunset cruise. You could take an e-bike walking isn't your jam.

    Grab a pair of cute white sneakers to pair with your sundress or evening out attire for a stylish and comfortable way to get around.



    SIM cards can be a nightmare, I get it. Airalo makes it easy to add a SIM card right to your phone - one less thing you have to worry about when you get to Europe. You can purchase a card for Spain, Europe, or Global.

    Just make sure your phone is compatible before you buy! You can check in the settings of your phone.


    The perfect fit for an evening on the water! It comes in plenty of colors, making it easy to find something that fits your individual style.



    You'll need your swimsuit if you're visiting in the summer, but if you're heading to Barcelona during the fall, or even Christmas-time, a sunset sail might get a little chilly! Grab a cute sweater to stay warm when the wind picks up.


    Where to Stay in Barcelona for Sunset Cruises

    Final Thoughts: Most Spectacular Barcelona Sunset Cruises

    There really is no better way to see Barcelona's gorgeous skyline and lively ports than a sunset cruise.

    Relax with friends and your favorite music while feeling the breeze in your hair from Barcelona's famous ports.

    Experience the city from a unique perspective that will make your Barcelona holiday one of the most memorable!

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