37 Best Barcelona Vegan Restaurants and Cafes in 2024

Searching for the best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona? Don’t get stuck eating the one vegan menu item during your time in Barcelona – check out these Barcelona vegan restaurants with LOADS of options for your vegan heart. 

Hola fellow foodies! As a long-time resident of Barcelona and a self-proclaimed lover of all things delicious, I’m excited to share with you some of the best vegan restaurants this city has to offer.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or meat eater, I know the struggle of finding new and exciting food options that cater to your dietary preferences. But don’t worry my vegan-loving friends, I’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. 

I’ve compiled a list of not only a plethora of yummy vegan restaurants, but also the top-rated ones, so you know you’re in for a treat. 

There’s no shortage of vegan options in this foodie city. From savory dishes to sweet treats, Barcelona’s vegan scene has got you covered. 

Long gone are the days of you getting stuck eating a salad or the one vegan option on the menu. Barcelona’s vegan restaurant scene is thriving and growing each day. 

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37 Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

Let’s get started. Save this list and check out these 37 best vegan-friendly restaurants Barcelona has to offer! Not only are they serving up unique vegan plates, but they’re also local and visitor-approved. 

Once you’ve gotten through this list, you’ll realize that being vegan in Barcelona is easier than it sounds! 

Think food tours and wine tours are just for the meat eaters of Barcelona? Think again! Hop over to any of these awesome vegan tapas for some animal-free delectable tastings through Barcelona’s best restaurants.

🤩 You’ll be shocked at how many tours in Barcelona offer vegan options as well, like this authentic Spanish culinary experience and this Michelin-starred chef led paella cooking class.

1. Roots & Rolls

Location: Consell de Cent, 401

vegan sushi on a plate from one of the best vegan restaurants in barcelona, roots & rolls

Roots & Rolls is where minimalist, warehouse chic meets vegan sushi. The menu is entirely vegan, recreating classic rolls with innovative ingredients. 

Not in the mood for sushi? No problem, as their menu also includes a range of starters to share and other goodies like gyozas, cauliflower popcorn, and poke bowls. Add one of their signature cocktails and some vegan cheesecake, and you’ll be on your way to the perfect vegan dinner in Barcelona.

Price: $$

Featured Vegan Dish: Crispy Roll 

2. Pastan 

Location: Carrer de Josep Torres, 25

round plate of vegan pasta Formentera dish with tomatoe, red peppers, and heura chicken

Pastan is your go to date night pasta spot. A charming restaurant with a cozy, chic interior and some next level pasta.

Enjoy classics like cacio e pepe, gnocchi, or shallot ravioli. Adding to the experience is their seasonal menu. I highly recommend trying out the Formentera dish, a spicy twist on spaghetti with a tomato and basil base, exposed red peppers, and crispy heura chicken chunks.

I ate this pasta way too fast and I’m still shocked at how delicious it was. Of course I had to pair this amazing pasta with a glass of cold cava!

Price: $$

Featured Vegan Dish: Formentera

3. Vegan Tulsi Restaurant

Location: Consell de Cent 279

Photos from Vegan Tulsi Galeria

Vegan Tulsi Restaurant, has an exceptional vegan menu, with plenty of Thai influence, that will delight all your senses! 

Snack on dishes like nachos and guacamole, seitan chili, or one of their popular burger options. Don’t forget to check out the colorful special board and order a popular vegan paella, with crispy rice edges and cooked to perfection! If you’re a paella lover though, try out Valencia!

This is also a great spot for a juice or smoothie on the go! With the tagline that translates to “We cook from the heart and cruelty free, to feed our spirit”, your vegan heart is sure to fall in love with Vegan Tulsi.

Price: $$ 

Featured Vegan Dish: Vegan paella

4. Cactus Cat

Location: Carrer de Valldonzella 52

If you’re looking for some seriously good vegan food near Sant Antoni, head to the Cactus Cat. 

On their brunch menu, you can find all-day English breakfasts – sure to be a fan favorite for those missing the UK a bit!

Think traditional Spanish food can’t be vegan? Let Cactus Cat Barcelona prove that as fiction over their Fideua’ Vegana. For Italian fans, they also have some top-notch vegan lasagna! 

No matter what kind of food you’re looking for, Cactus Cat is sure to please. 

Price: $$ 

Featured Vegan Dish: Fideua’ 

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    5. Loncheria BCN

    Location: Carrer de Aribau 101

    Another gem of a spot for those in Eixample, La Loncheria BCN has a delicious menu including sandwiches, salads, tacos, and burgers. 

    I’ve tried plenty of this menu but I can not get enough of the La Torta Ahogada and loaded vegan fries. Expect a casual environment, incredibly friendly service, and a fantastic beer selection in one of the best parts of town!

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: La Torta Ahogada 

    6. Quinoa Bar Vegeteria

    Location: Travessera de Gracia, 203

    Outside entrance of Quinoa Bar - one of the best barcelona vegan restaurants

    This is perhaps one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants Gracia Barcelona has. Quinoa Bar Vegeteria has a delectable menu of burgers, wraps, quinoa bowls and home-made desserts. 

    For those craving a bit of Mexican, enjoy classics like quesadillas, loaded nachos or jackfruit tacos. They even have something for the sweet tooths. Enjoy some fresh carrot coco cake, brownies, or cheesecake. You can get all of this on an affordable budget too

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: California Burger

    7. Flax & Kale

    Location: Carrer dels Tallers 74b, Carrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt 31

    Flax & Kale is one my favorite Barcelona vegan restaurants

    Flax & Kale is my favorite in Barcelona. There are two physical restaurants, and plenty of local supermarkets carrying juices and other brand goodies.

    The restaurants are truly trendy - offering rotating menus that consistently please even the toughest skeptics. Sample dishes like butternut squash Malaysian curry, mango & avocado tartare and pad thai risotto. 

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Plant Based Truffle Mayo Burger 

    8. Wild Food BCN

    Location: Avinguda Diagonal 420

    Wild Food BCN is a cozy little fully vegan restaurant. An excellent spot for lunch or dinner as they offer plenty of dishes to choose from. Enjoy traditional Spanish favorites like paella or their fresh and authentic pad Thai. 

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Pad Thai

    9. Hammock Juice Station

    Location: Mallorca 308

    hammocks hanging from the ceiling of a restaurant by a table

    Hammock Juice Station is an absolute vibe and the perfect hipster brunch location in Dreta Eixample. 

    In addition to the edgy wall decor, there are colorful hammocks adorned throughout the restaurant, making for cozy seating to dine or sip coffee from. 

    While the restaurant isn’t entirely vegan, there are plenty of vegan dishes to choose from, like avocado toast, acai bowls, and some top-notch homemade vegan desserts. 

    I visit Hammock Juice station frequently - I love snacking on the acai bowls and sipping a nice cup of coffee from a cozy hammock before starting my day. It’s a great place to go solo or meet up with an old friend and chat for a while. 

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Vegan banana bread. Sometimes they have a delicious vegan pancake option as well. 

    10. Vegan Junk Food Bar

    Location: Rossello 239, Manresa 4

    florescent pink lit inside of a restaurant with graffiti on the walls and a glowing pink neon sign that says "Vegan Junk Food Bar"

    About: Vegan Junk Food Bar is serving more than delicious junk food, they’re serving up a seriously cool environment and aesthetics perfect for foodie lovers

    Enjoy some indulgent favorites in a hip environment that immediately feels like you’re in Barbie land. The menu has two caesar salad options and plenty of specialty sandwiches. 

    The fries and the funky sauce are the best part if you ask me. To top it all off, the entire menu is 100% plant-based! Don’t miss this vegan Barcelona restaurant while you’re in town. 

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: French Fries with purple garlic sauce

    Vegan Junk Food Bar White florescent sign

    11. Fat Veggies

    Location: Carrer de Paris, 168

    Fat Veggies is the ideal date night spot, with a dark and chic vibe, and open exposed brick walls.

    Known for their vegan and vegetarian plates cooked in a wood-fired oven, these dishes are hand-crafted and curated to perfection.

    Find plenty of Spanish classics like patatas bravas and croquettes to tasty veggie dishes like chickpea blini and smoked aubergine. Save room for the postres (desserts) - the brownie was exceptionally delicious and my favorite part of this meal.

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Chickpea Blini

    12. The Green Spot

    Location: Carrer de la Reina Cristina 12 

    three pies on dessert plates on a black table

    Another great date location, The Green Spot, is a chic vegetarian restaurant near the sea in Barceloneta. 

    Visitors, including me, rave about the calming ambiance almost as much as they do about the food. The menu is a truly extensive list with appetizers, soups, salads, pizza, pasta, and postres, all crafted to perfection. 

    While everything here is tasty, the pizzas and the edamame always make it to the top of my favorites list.

    Price: $$$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Edamame Con Chili, all pizza dishes 

    13. Maoz Vegetarian

    Location: Carrer de Ferran 13

    If you’re on the lookout for vegan fast food, then look no further than Maoz. This is more of a take-out or fast casual vibe and doesn’t have much seating. They have a great selection of vegan smoothies and snacks for your post workout meal. Plus, everything on the menu is 100% vegetarian and Kosher.

    Stop here for a quick bite of pita falafel or salad bowl to refuel during a busy day of sightseeing in Barcelona. In addition to the pita and salad bowl, their hummus, baba ganoush, and french fries are just as tasty. 

    Not only is Maoz fast casual, but it’s also my pick for cheap vegan food Barcelona spots.

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Falafel pita

    14. Equilibrium Café

    Location: Carrer de Valencia 352

    red sign with a two sided scale that say "Eqvilibrivm Cafe - Plant Based Lunch"
    Barcelona vegan restaurants in Eixample

    About: Calling all brunch lovers, this is the spot for you! Equilibrium Cafe is a cozy, quiet little restaurant in the heart of Dreta Eixample and has one of the best vegan brunch Barcelona menu options.

    It consists of traditional favorites like English Breakfasts and tofu scrambles. The lunch menu is just as tasty with dishes like seitan hamburgers, ramen and katsu curry. In addition to brunch, Equilibrium offers fresh smoothies and specialty coffee. 

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Cream cheese pancakes 

    15. Amma  

    Location: Placa de la Virreina 3

    cup of green pistachio vegan gelato from Amma
    I tried pistachio last time 10/10

    Amma is a vegan ice cream lover's dream located in one of the best squares in Gracia. Inside this crisp, minimalist shop, find some of the best ice cream in the city.

    Savor the classic flavors like pistachio, to the unique ones like avocado with coco and lime. With rotating daily flavors, you’ll always have an excuse to pop in for a cone! Hop. on your e-bike on a hot August day and cool off with a vegan ice cream cone.

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: All of them!

    16. Vegan Cat Bar

    Location: Carrer de la Merce, 29

    Vegan Cat Bar is serving up yummy vegan burgers and bohemian vibes in the heart of Barcelona’s beach neighborhood, Barceloneta. This is where you'll find the lively ports and sunset cruises leaving throughout the evenings.

    With quirky cat decor, and a relaxing atmosphere, this is a fantastic spot to unwind after a sun filled day at the beach. The service is quick and friendly, the craft beer is cold and delicious, and no animals were harmed in the making of your burger!

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Spicy Red Cat Burger

    17. La Branqueta 

    Location: Carrer de Maria Cubi, 13

    About: La Branqueta is additional proof that Barcelona has some top-notch vegan Asian cuisine. 

    La Branqueta is the ideal lunch spot with tasty dishes like curry and tofu hamburgers. If you’re looking for vegan sushi Barcelona options, don’t miss out on La Branqueta. 

    Their matcha latte is seriously one of the best I’ve ever had. Bring a book and enjoy some fresh miso soup in their bright, calming environment. 

    Pro tip: sometimes they close for holiday throughout the year so check their website or Google listing to see if they're open before visiting!

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Curry de Berenjena 

    18. La Trocadero

    LocationCarrer de la Marina, 269

    Walk into La Trocadero to be immediately transported into a colorful and retro paradise. 

    Completely vegan, they’re preparing burgers, hotdogs and all the appropriate sides, in one of the funkiest environments. Try one of their famous burgers, like the setbacon, a delicious mix of burger, mushrooms, bacon, caramelized onion, and curry sauce. 

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Don't miss out on the setbacon burger!

    19. Eat My Trip Barcelona

    Location: Consell de Cent 378, Avinguda de la Riera de Cassoles 56

    Glowing blue sign on a wall that says "Eat My Trip" green sign below that says brunch coffee bakery

    Perhaps one of the most Instagrammable Barcelona vegan restaurants in the city, Eat My Trip has food that’s equally photogenic as it is tasty.

    While the entire menu isn’t vegan, there are plenty of appetizing dishes. Expect colorful plates like avocado toast, tropical smoothies and pancakes with sweet, gooey syrups.

    The Consell de Cent location is particularly charming, nestled on a car free street full of trees, terraces and Barcelona locals soaking up the sun!

    Price: $$ 

    Featured Vegan Dish: Avocado Toast

    20. Sopa Barcelona

    Location: Carrer de Roc Boronat 114

    About: Sopa Barcelona is a charming dog-friendly vegetarian restaurant nestled in a quiet section of Poblenou

    The menu is quite standard and consists of favorites like hummus, veggie quiche, pasta and poke bowls. Offering menu del dia’s daily, sopas are a popular first-course choice with multiple options to choose from. 

    They also have great local vegan options like tortilla with potato and onion. No matter what food you’re in the mood for, Sopa Barcelona is guaranteed to understand the assignment. 

    And while there are plenty of vegan dish options, this is also one of the best vegetarian restaurants Barcelona has to offer.  

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Sriracha Poke Bowl 

    21. Santoni

    Location: Pl. de la Universitat 4, local D

    Pop on over to the bustling Universitat area for a bite in this tasty vegan lunch spot. In the bakery section, find a wide array of warm croissants, empanadas, and fresh sandwiches.

    Enjoy hits from their vegan burger menu, like the Lay-Anky, or a natural acai bowl. With plenty of desserts and smoothies to choose from, you won’t be leaving hungry!

    Price: $ 

    Featured Vegan Dish: Lay-Anky Burger

    22. Teresa Carles

    Location: Carrer de Jovellanos 2

    About: A charming and tasty date spot, Tersa Carles offers the best vegetarian tapas Barcelona has to offer located on the left side of Eixample.

    With a bright space and tile-covered walls, Teresa Carles is a breath of fresh air, literally! Enjoy tapas to share like bravas from their pica pica menu, appetizers like gazpacho or proper plates of green curry or spaghetti.

    They also have an extensive postre menu, with favorites like cheesecake, miso-ginger cheesecake and matcha ice-cream. 

    Price: $$ 

    Featured Vegan Dish: Lasagna

    23. Little Fern

    Location: Carrer de Pere IV, 168

    A popular brunch spot in the happening Poblenou neighborhood, Little Fern is a laid-back eatery serving up New Zealand style classics.

    You’ll find plenty of creative dishes like kimchi pancakes, pea and avocado smash, and harissa scramble. With their perfectly curated plates and friendly atmosphere, it’s no secret how this spot has quickly collected a loyal fan base. 

    Price: $$ 

    Featured Vegan Dish: Salted Caramel Croissant Pudding 

    24. Vegan Mount

    Location: Carrer de Valencia, 506

    Vegan Mount is an ideal spot to grab food after visiting the most visited attraction in town - Sagrada Familia (the famous Gaudi cathedral) Offering delicious daily menus, as well as incredibly generous portions, Vegan Mount has plenty of tasty meals to choose from. 

    You’ll find hot tapas, cold tapas, Thai dishes, Indian dishes, salads, hamburgers, and more. Try the Royal Thali, a large plate with two types of curried vegetables, daal, chutney, basmati rice, hummus, papadam, and salad!

    Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind Indian vegetarian restaurant Barcelona option. 

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Royal Thai

    25. Faire Brunch & Drinks

    Location: Carrer de Girona, 81

    Another excellent brunch destination, Faire Brunch & Drinks is bright, hip and pet-friendly! Their menu has all the brunch classics and is entirely vegetarian and vegan.

    Try one of their boozy smoothies or their take on Shakshuka. If I haven’t sold you on this spot already, they plant one tree for every receipt! 

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish:Avocado Toast & Scrambled Tofu 

    26. The Vegan Corner 

    Location: Carrer d’ Atauf 5

    The Vegan Corner is a simple, but tasty bakery and breakfast eatery in the Gothic Quarter. Entirely vegan, try classics like croissant breakfast sandwiches, spinach omelets and focaccia. 

    Enjoy zucchini tarta, nutella croissants, and red-velvet cupcakes, all while sitting outside on a sunny terrace in truly Medieval surroundings. There’s no better way to start your day than at this best vegan breakfast Barcelona spot. 

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: zucchini tarta 

    27. Vegan Food Heaven

    Location: Av D’lcaria 178

    Storefront on a sidewalk covered in bright flowers and green plants

    Vegan Food Haven is the place to go for international dishes and take out orders.

    You’ll find plenty of Spanish influence here and a menu del dia with favorites like hummus and gazpacho.

    Vegan Food Heaven has a full salad list including one of my favorite - a superb Thailandia - or quinoa salad.

    There are plenty of burgers and sandwiches on the menu. You’ll also find an extensive list of fresh juices and plenty of gluten free options. 

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Tofu tataki 

    28. Santa Vegana

    Location: Carrer de Anai 1

    About: Check out the Santa Vegana bakery the next time you’re near the George Orwell square in Gotico.

    This is the ideal stop to refuel in a cute and cozy shop. The Barcelona vegan bakery menu has plenty of sweet, vegan treats like chocolate croissants, donuts and muffins. You can also find fresh sandwiches, spinach tortillas, and mouth-watering quiche. 

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Fresh Croissants 

    29. Areca Bakery

    Location: Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 90

    Not all Barcelona vegan restaurants are just serving up veggies! Areca Bakery is a must-try vegan donut shop in Gracia. Their entire menu is vegan and seriously tasty.

    I was completely unsure about trying a vegan doughnut, but Areca not only exceeded my expectations, but also ended up giving me a new favorite sweet treat spot!

    Areca has a full coffee menu and also extends to juices, kombucha, and ice cream. 

    The selection of donuts offers delectable flavors like cookie dough, strawberry matcha crumble, pumpkin spice, and cookie cheesecake.

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Cookie Dough Donut 

    30. Rasoterra

    Location: Carrer del Palau, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

    Head to Rasoterra for an elevated vegan dining experience. The dishes are truly a work of art as they incorporate vegan food Barcelona options with sustainable, local ingredients. 

    While the menu is slightly on the pricier side, a popular option is the starter + main +dessert for 30 €, a true bargain for the quality of food. Enjoy yummy meals like watermelon tacos and miso aubergines. Avoid waiting and make a reservation ahead of time.

    Price: $$$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Surf & Turf Black Rice

    31. Copasetic Cocktails and Food

    Location: Carrer de la Diputacio 55

    About: Copasetic is the ideal spot for those vegans who are also gluten intolerant. You can find tasty burger buns and crepes, safely prepared without gluten.

    While the menu isn’t entirely vegan, it is huge and has plenty of vegan-friendly options. Plan for delicious vegan brunch options along with tasty local tapas. The crepe dolce is a must-try!

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Crepe Dolce

    32. La Besneta Cakes

    Location: Carrer de Torrijos, 37

    About: La Besneta is your go to place for all baked good needs. A vintage style bakery filled to the brim with vegan cakes, muffins, pastries and donuts, all created with seasonal ingredients.

    Their cake in a jar makes for tasty snacks on the go, with flavors like chocolate and strawberry cheesecake. Stop by for a quick snack or to pick up a beautiful, customizable creation for your next party. 

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Tiramisu cupcake

    33. Blu Bar Barcelona

    Location: Rambla del Poblenou, 11 

    Blue Bar Barcelona vegan restaurant is your new go to in Poblenou serving tasty plant based tacos, pizzas, sandwiches and tapas.

    The environment is fun and buzzy and it’s a great place to start for a night out in this lively neighborhood. Start with the nachos but make sure to save room for the tiramisu. Rumor has it, they have the best Tiramisu on this side of Italy. 

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Tiramisu

    34. Monchito Vegan Taqueria

    Location: Carrer d’en Gignas, 13

    Monchito is dishing up some of the best vegan Mexican food in Barcelona. The vibe is warm and laid back and the service is exceptional.

    The menu has plenty of nacho, taco and quesadilla options with plenty of refreshing beers and cocktails. Check this Barcelona vegan restaurant out on your next Taco Tuesday.

    Price: $

    Featured Vegan Dish: Heura Tacos

    35. Honest Greens

    Location: Multiple Locations in Rambla Catalunya, Born, Barceloneta, Tuset, Diagonal 

    Honest Greens is a chain of health food with plenty of fresh vegan options. The vibe is more fast casual with a rotating menu by season. This is one of my favorite stops after my rooftop yoga class, especially on a hot June day! It can get a bit crowded, but the wait is worth it.

    Try one of their famous veggie garden bowls or market plates with veggies, tofu or falafel. 

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Falafel Market Plate

    36. Chez Kessler 

    Location: Carrer de Valencia 201

    Photo by Chez Kellser

    Chez Kessler is a bright and welcoming vegan tapas Barcelona restaurant in Eixample offering plenty of delicious food.

    Start with one of their cheese boards, guaranteed to please even the toughest vegan cheese critics! Try the popular caesar salad, a take on the traditional dish, but with huera, a vegan protein similar to chicken. 

    Price: $$

    Featured Vegan Dish: Cheese boards

    37. La Papa

    Location: Pau Claris 190, Aribau 92

    Churros and coffee on a white restaurant table

    About: Head to one of the La Papa locations for some mouth-watering brunch. They offer all of the standard brunch classics like acai bowls, waffles, and French toast. 

    You’ll also catch them whipping up some unique dishes like vegan ceviche and labneh. For those looking for something sweet, the churros are seriously divine! The churros themselves make this one of my favorite brunch places Barcelona offers. PS: did you know Madrid is world famous for their churros 🤯

    Price: $$ 

    Featured Vegan Dish: Churros La Papa

    Honorable Mentions: Vegan Shops, Eco-Friendly Hotels, and Markets

    While this was quite a long list, it doesn't even touch every single vegan friendly shop in the city!

    Looking for some more vegan shops, eco-friendly hotels, or markets in Barcelona? Here are few honorable mentions that didn't make this list!

    These shops and markets offer some amazing plant-based options and a wide range of eco-friendly products, while the hotels offer sustainability-focused designs, and sustainable amenities, making them an excellent choice for the eco-conscious traveler.

    Whether you're looking for vegan eats, organic products, or a sustainable place to stay, you're sure to find something to love in these top picks!

    FAQ Best Barcelona Vegan Restaurants 

    Now that you have a great list of the best Barcelona vegan restaurants, here are some frequently asked questions we get about being vegan in Spain!

    Is Barcelona vegan friendly?

    Yes - Barcelona is incredibly vegan friendly. There is a strong vegan restaurant scene in Barcelona and it’s growing every day!

    In addition to vegan friendly businesses, meetups and social clubs are also becoming popular. It’s never been easier to find a like minded community in Barcelona, whether living in or visiting for vegan travel.

    What is the best vegan friendly city in Spain?

    Barcelona is the best vegan friendly city in Spain. It's known for a progressive culinary scene. Barcelona is home to plenty of innovative restaurants that focus exclusively on cooking unique, vegan food with the latest techniques and ingredients. 

    How easy is it to eat vegan in Spain?

    It’s extremely easy to eat vegan in Spain. Spain has fresh produce on nearly every street corner. It’s also home to a vegan supermarket Barcelona is known for. Along with that, there are tons of vegan and vegan friendly restaurants on every street corner. Long gone are the days of only having a vegan section in a store or in restaurants!

    Is it easy to be vegetarian in Barcelona?

    Yes, it is easy to be vegetarian in Barcelona. There are plenty of trendy restaurants Barcelona offers catering vegetarians and vegans alike. Regardless of the neighborhood, you won't have trouble finding a new restaurant with plenty of vegetarian options to choose from.

    Plenty of social groups exist to solely connect with other vegetarians for recipe exchanges. Barcelona offers more than just shops and restaurants for vegetarians, it offers community. 

    Is it hard to be vegetarian in Spain?

    No - it is not hard to be vegetarian in Spain! While the country is known for its love of jamon, their are plenty of popular dishes made with vegetarian and vegan friendly ingredients.

    Barcelona in particular has a wide selection of vegetarian markets, restaurants, and communities.

    Is it easy to get vegetarian food in Spain?

    Yes - it is easy to get vegetarian food in Spain! Spain is home to vegetarian supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, and gelaterias. No matter what you're in the mood for, you'll find plenty of options to satisfy your vegetarian or vegan food desires in Spain.

    Summary of Best Vegan Restaurants Barcelona Has to Enjoy This Year!

    Barcelona is the perfect city to satisfy your vegan cravings. With the growing number of Barcelona vegan restaurants and shops, the vegan community has never been happier.

    Now that you have my top 37 picks for the best vegan spots in Barcelona, you won't have to worry about settling for anything less than mouth-watering dishes and a great dining experience.

    🤩 Don't forget to check out some fun vegan-friendly food tours like the authentic Spanish culinary experience and this Michelin-starred chef led paella cooking class.

    From delicious plant-based tapas to indulgent vegan desserts, you can't go wrong with any of these options.

    So next time you're in Barcelona, don't hesitate to visit one of these vegan hotspots - you might just discover your new favorite meal.

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